Unhinged Nebraska Democrat Throws Tantrum Over Bill Protecting Children

Red states have been at the forefront of taking measures to protect children from the dangerous body mutilation that is being pushed by the transgender movement, and Nebraska is the latest state to join the ranks prioritizing the protection of children’s well-being. It was inevitable. Republicans in the state’s unicameral legislature have a strong majority (32 out of 49 seats), but that didn’t stop one unhinged Democrat from throwing an embarrassing tantrum.


State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) had been filibustering the bill for weeks. On Friday morning, she went berserk, shouting repeatedly, “Transgender people belong here, we need trans people, we love trans people,” over and over for nearly a minute. She finally ended her rant with, “You matter. You matter and I am fighting for you. I will not stop. I will not stop today, I will not stop tomorrow. You are loved. You matter. You belong here.”

Well, if shouting ridiculousness over and over is her best strategy, I don’t expect much will come from her efforts.

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Cavanaugh’s moment at the lectern also included a rant targeting Republicans.

“Your children are posting things on social media; your children are calling you, colleagues. You have to live with your vote.… You have to live with the role that you play in history in the making today. You have to live with the fact that you vote to take away people’s rights. You have to live with that. The rest of us have to live with the implications of that, but you have to live with that,” Cavanaugh said. “If you didn’t sleep after Tuesday night, reflect on that. You don’t have to vote for this.”


She also accused those who supported the bill of being “bought by the governor,” as if it’s impossible to have a legitimate moral objection to chopping off girls’ breasts, mutilating boys’ genitals, and giving children dangerous puberty blockers that will leave them permanently infertile.

You can watch the entire embarrassing display here.


Cavanaugh’s efforts were in vain; the Nebraska legislature approved the bill banning transgender surgeries for minors. Also included in the bill was a 12-week abortion ban. An attempt to ban abortions after six weeks previously failed. During Friday’s debate, the proceedings came to a temporary halt when protesters in a chamber balcony disrupted the session by shouting obscenities at conservative lawmakers and hurling what seemed to be bloody tampons onto the floor. As the lawmakers proceeded with their voting, chants of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” echoed from outside the chamber.

According to a recent poll by the Washington Post-KFF, most Americans do not support the radical transgender ideology, and they endorse bans on gender transition procedures for minors. And it’s not even close. According to the survey, nearly 70% of Americans are against administering puberty blockers to children, and nearly 60% are opposed to providing hormone treatments to teenagers who identify as transgender.



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