Prosecutors Consider Four Charges Against Hunter Biden

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According to two sources familiar with the matter, federal prosecutors have been contemplating filing charges against Hunter Biden, including three tax-related crimes and one charge linked to a gun purchase. The proposed charges consist of two misdemeanors for not filing taxes and one felony charge of tax evasion, which pertains to a business expenditure and covers a single year of taxes. Additionally, a potential felony charge is being considered for the gun-related offense.


NBC News reports that two senior law enforcement sources disclosed their growing frustration with the FBI due to having completed most of the work on Hunter Biden’s case around a year ago.

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As per a previous report by The Washington Post, federal investigators claimed to have gathered adequate evidence to accuse Hunter Biden of tax crimes and making a false statement regarding a gun purchase. However, the ultimate decision of whether or not to press charges will be made by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed by President Donald Trump and subsequently retained by the Biden administration to continue the investigation. The two sources familiar with the matter indicated that there have been no indications of a final decision being made yet.

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The federal investigation of Hunter Biden began in 2018 and has since narrowed its focus from examining his international business relationships, including any potential national security implications, to scrutinizing his income from these ventures and a possible false statement made during a gun purchase, according to sources. In 2018, while admittedly using cocaine, Hunter Biden bought a firearm and was required to complete a form that included a question about whether he was abusing any illicit substances.


House Republicans are also investigating Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family. In March, the House Oversight Committee unearthed damning evidence that a Chinese energy company funneled over $1 million to select members of the Biden family via the account of a family associate.

“On February 27, 2023, Chairman Comer issued a subpoena for certain financial records. The subpoena sought unique and particularized information critical to the Committee’s investigation, connected to three Biden family business associates,” a memo released by the Committee reads. “These records prove the Biden family used at least three family members—Hallie Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden—and various companies to receive the lucrative payments.”




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