FINALLY! Footage of the Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack To Be Released

Napa County Department of Corrections

On Wednesday, a judge in San Francisco ordered the release of body cam footage from the October 2022 hammer attack against Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after a coalition of media outlets sued for the footage and other evidence to be released publicly.


Release of the footage has long been called for, as it would clear up many discrepancies and curiosities in the story. It was initially reported that when the police arrived at the Pelosi home, the attacker was wearing nothing but his underwear—but this claim was later retracted. There was a report that there was a third unnamed individual who let the police in—this was also later retracted. Then there was the report that detailed how Pelosi opened the door for the police before returning to the interior of his home to reengage his attacker—again, this was later retracted, and NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer got suspended for reporting it, even though his report matched details recorded in court documents.

As the story lingered, we were left with more questions than answers, and yet three key pieces of evidence — Pelosi’s 911 call, the police body cam footage, and Capitol Police security footage — have not been released, per the order of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.


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All these pointed to the possibility of a coverup. Hopefully, the release of the footage will answer many of the questions that we still have about what exactly happened that night, and what authorities were trying to hide and why.


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