Biden's Big Lie About Border Security

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It was insulting enough when Joe Biden recently blamed the Republican Party for the current border crisis. But on top of that, the White House insists that border security “is a top priority,” of the administration, that Joe Biden “inherited a mess,” and, just as Biden said, the current border crisis is the GOP’s fault.

“The President inherited a mess because of what the last administration did. They herited [sic] a — we inherited a mess,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Friday. “And, you know, Republicans in Congress made it worse by blocking comprehensive immigration reform.”

“And so what you’re seeing from this President is, he’s acting — he’s acting to protect, to continue to protect the border, secure the border, and also deal with irregular migration,” Jean-Pierre continued. “That is what he’s going to continue to do, that.”

The truth is that Joe Biden hasn’t done anything to protect the border, secure the border, or slow down the flow of illegal immigrants. By design, everything he has done since taking office has exacerbated the problem. Biden didn’t inherit “a mess,” as Jean-Pierre claimed; he inherited a country with a secure southern border.

During Trump’s time in office, the number of illegal border crossings dropped dramatically. This is an undeniable result of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants. The border wall also worked well in stopping people from crossing illegally. But when Biden became president, things changed. On his first day in office, he signed an executive order halting border wall construction.

While President Donald Trump attempted to end the unconstitutional Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Joe Biden issued an executive order on his first day increasing legal protections for illegal immigrants affected by the program. As for the “comprehensive immigration reform” Jean-Pierre spoke of, it would have granted amnesty to any illegal immigrant who was in the United States as of Jan 1, 2021. Republicans were never going to support that, and Jean-Pierre knows that.

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The mess that Jean-Pierre claims Biden inherited actually began on his watch. Within months of Biden taking office, the number of illegal border crossings shot up to six times more than what the Obama administration deemed to be crisis level, and it’s only gotten worse. Thanks to Biden, border facilities quickly became overcrowded, and immigrant children are going hungry, unbathed, and without adequate time outside or physical activity. Worse, some are reportedly being sexually assaulted. In fact, the situation got so bad that Jeh Johnson, who was Barack Obama’s DHS Secretary, said that things are out of control and that Biden needed to do something.

Yet on top of all of this, despite the surge in illegal immigrants and everything the Biden administration has done to effectively open the border and bring in thousands of illegals daily, they have refused to admit there’s a border crisis at all.

Biden may be planning a trip to the border soon (though I’m not convinced he’ll actually go), but he’s spent two years pretending there’s no problem at all. Last month, when Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden why he wasn’t visiting the border during a trip to Arizona, he replied, “Because there’s more important stuff going on…”

When all is said and done, Biden hasn’t been working on border security since day one. He’s done everything possible to open the border and create the crisis that is going on today.


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