Who Is This ‘Pedo Peter’ on Hunter Biden’s iPhone?

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Over the weekend, anonymous 4chan users claimed to have cracked the password of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account and leaked data from his iPhone and iPad to the site. Since then, little nuggets have been posted on social media that, at the very least, appear to prove the legitimacy of the data.


For example, there’s the following video of Hunter Biden arguing with a hooker over how much crack he has.

“Imagine the things he decided may be a bit too much for film!!!” Donald Trump Jr. remarked on Twitter. “Also imagine the coverage if this was me?”

And there’s plenty more:

But disturbing videos of Hunter Biden have been floating around the internet for a long time now and almost seem like old news, as we’re all aware of Hunter Biden’s drug addiction and penchant for prostitutes. The most significant discovery is that Hunter Biden had tagged someone in his contact list with the name “Pedo Peter.” While it was not entirely clear who “Pedo Peter” is referencing, according to RedState’s Nick Arama, “There were a variety of conversations that were accessed that appeared to be conversations between various members of the Biden family.”

So who is “Pedo Peter?”

According to Bonchie at RedState, “There are two possibilities being bounced around,” and “people examining the data seem to believe it’s either Joe Biden or Hunter Biden.”


The main reason people speculate that “Pedo Peter” is Joe Biden is because of a past report that Joe Biden wrote to several people close to him via email, including his son Hunter, using the pseudonym “Peter Henderson,” in reference to a fictional Soviet Union-era spy who infiltrated the U.S. government in several Tom Clancy novels. That detail is weird on its own, but it certainly gives credence to the Joe-Biden-is-Pedo-Peter theory.

That and, you know, Biden’s history of creepy, pervy behavior with young girls and reports that his daughter Ashley’s diary revealed that he used to take inappropriate showers with her as a child.

“Still, others believe that ‘Pedo Peter’ is actually Hunter Biden’s number saved under the title on different devices because the iCloud backup is shared,” Bonchie explains.

Of course, either theory raises more questions. Regardless of which Biden “Pedo Peter” refers to,  can anyone explain why Hunter Biden would use the word “pedo” to describe either of them?


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