Ron Klain: Biden Can Still Win in 2024

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain sure has taken his loyalty to Joe Biden to extreme levels of absurdity lately. We all know that Joe Biden doesn’t have the chops to handle the presidency. It’s widely believed that Klain is the man behind the curtain in the White House, and as such is mostly responsible for Biden’s performance — making the success or failure of Biden’s presidency a direct reflection on him.

And Klain’s had a few doozies of trying to make things sound better than they are. Last year he retweeted a poll showing Biden underwater, apparently thinking it was good news. In January, he retweeted an op-ed that insisted 2021 wasn’t “all bad.”

Even the media has scrutinized Klain’s job performance. Perhaps the only thing that keeps his job safe is that he’s been loyal to Biden for years.

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Now, Klain is pushing his role of die-hard Biden loyalist to the extreme by insisting that Joe Biden can win in 2024 despite his low polling.

First of all, it’s cute that Klain thinks anyone believes Biden will run in 2024, let alone win, but he says Biden has a path to victory, and he points to France as proof.

According to Klain, French President Emmanuel Macron’s reelection despite his low approval numbers shows that Biden could very well run again in 2024 and emerge victorious.

“An interesting observation, just FYI,” Klain tweeted on Sunday. “President Macron appears to have secured a double-digit victory over LePen, at a time when his approval rating is 36%. Hmmm….”

Biden’s latest approval rating according to Gallup is 41.3%, with 56% disapproving. But, you know, nothing to worry about. Biden might still be able to get re-elected because France!

Yeah, no one really believes that, and according to the New York Post, Klain’s tweet “drew scorn from people who pointed out the differences between French and US politics, including the fact that US presidential elections are decided by the Electoral College, which gives more weight to small states, and that French presidents generally are very unpopular.” As if Klain cared more about subtleties than the narrative. He just wants to keep his job.

American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Danielle Pletka called Klain “pathetic” for celebrating “the possibility of victory when your ratings are in the toilet” rather than striving for the support of the American people.

Jeet Heer of left-wing rag The Nation even mocked Klain. “File under: don’t try this at home, kids,” he tweeted.

Regardless, Klain has very little reason to project such confidence. Most recent polls show Trump beating Biden in a 2024 rematch. So, Klain is crazy for suggesting that Biden’s lousy poll numbers are immaterial, especially when they don’t just affect the president, but drag down the entire party. Virtually everyone knows that the Democrats are going to get destroyed in the upcoming midterm elections. In fact, the term “biblical disaster” was used to describe their pending losses. We’ve actually now reached a point where Democrats aren’t even pretending they might hold the majority, but instead are hoping they can minimize their losses.

Many on the left blame Biden’s poor numbers on his lack of follow-through on his hard-left campaign promises. Does anyone think he’d have an easier time with Republicans controlling the House and possibly the Senate?

Klain needs to put the pompoms down and start panicking. Everyone else on the left is.


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