Ten Media Lies Trump Has Been Proven Right About Since the Election

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“Have you noticed that they are now admitting I was right about everything they lied about before the election?” Trump asked in a statement released Saturday.

Now, I’m not sure who “they” are and whether “they” are actually now admitting Trump was “right” when they previously did not, but there is a lot of truth to the list Trump presented in his statement documenting where he has most certainly been proven right.

Let’s look at each one.

1. Hydroxychloroquine works

Evidence of hydroxychloroquine being an effective treatment for COVID has been around since before the election, but a recent study has shown that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with azithromycin (AZM), could increase the rate of survival by nearly three times for severely ill COVID-19 patients.

There were plenty of studies that proved HCQ was an effective therapeutic for COVID-19 that were ignored before the election, and I have no doubt that even post-election studies supporting this will also be ignored, but nevertheless, Trump was right, and had the right people listened, many lives would have been saved.

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2. The Virus came from a Chinese lab

While this one is technically not proven yet, the mere suggestion that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology was enough to get you censored on social media and labeled a racist conspiracy theorist. New questions have resulted in a major mea culpa from Facebook, which had to reverse its original policy to ban posts suggesting the virus may have originated in the lab. Trump, for his part, had said last year that he’d seen evidence that the virus had come from the lab, while Dr. Fauci publicly insisted the evidence proved it was natural.

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3. Hunter Biden’s laptop was real

The evidence that the infamous laptop left in a Delaware computer repair shop belonged to Hunter Biden was staggering—even before the election. The owner literally had a signed receipt from Hunter Biden, but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that Hunter Biden essentially admitted that the laptop “certainly” could be his. Prior to this, the media refused to report on it, and social media censored the story. But even the media kinda, sorta admitted the laptop was real… eventually.

4. Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op

An Inspector General report released this week put this fake story to bed, finally. But before the election, it was widely reported as fact that Trump used tear gas and the Capitol Police to clear Lafayette Square for a photo op during a riotous protest. Trump and other officials denied this happened, but the media didn’t care.

5. The “Russian bounties” story was fake

Another story that was debunked before the election. In fact, it was debunked within a week of the so-called bombshell story being published. But the Biden administration itself confirmed this story was pure bunk back in April when it acknowledged that there was only “low to moderate” confidence in reports that Russia had offered bounties to Taliban soldiers to kill U.S. troops.

6. We did produce vaccines before the end of 2020, in record time

President Trump insisted that, thanks to Operation Warp Speed, we’d have a vaccine for COVID-19 before the end of 2020. The media did everything it could to dismiss that as fantasy, literally fact-checking his claim. But we ended up with two vaccines before the end of 2020, and another one soon after.

7. Blue state lockdowns didn’t work

Texas comes to mind as a state that proved the lockdowns didn’t work. The state opened up in March, and despite Biden calling it “neanderthal thinking” and Dr. Fauci predicting disaster, Texas saw no spike in cases or deaths, and saw both rates decline.

8. Schools should be opened

Schools should never have closed in the first place, yet fear prevailed over science. Trump was firmly on the side of having schools reopen and he received pushback from teachers’ unions on that. Now, the CDC Director says schools should be “first to reopen.” The teachers’ unions were wrong. Trump was right.

9. Critical race theory is a disaster for our schools and our country

Trump got a lot of pushback from the media for calling critical race theory “un-American propaganda.” But a recent poll shows that most Americans—and by most, I mean an overwhelming majority—don’t like critical race theory and don’t think it should be taught in schools. While I don’t think the media is exactly on the same wavelength, it is, no doubt, a vindication for Trump.

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10. Our southern border security program was an unprecedented success

This is practically a no-brainer. Trump’s immigration policies were attacked endlessly by the media, yet border crossings declined. Biden, on the other hand, rolled out the welcome mat, causing a historic surge in border crossings, particularly of unaccompanied minors, who have been forced to endure deplorable conditions in crowded migrant facilities, where they don’t get enough exercise, food, and water, or even access to sunlight. Claims of sexual abuse of migrant children have also been reported.


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