What Happens if They Do Prove Massive Voter Fraud in Maricopa County?

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Hypothetically speaking, if the Maricopa County audit does uncover result-changing fraud, what does that mean? Let’s not forget, Joe Biden’s state-certified victory in Arizona is by a margin of 10,457. That is a ridiculously small margin, and so it is conceivable that the audit could prove Trump is the legitimate winner of Arizona.

As I’ve mentioned before, Trump winning Arizona wouldn’t change the overall results of the election. Trump would have to flip at least two more states to do that. Nevertheless, this audit could have huge implications for those other battleground states where irregularities were discovered, but not properly investigated.

That’s why Democrats tried to prevent the audit from even happening in the first place. They failed, but all it takes is one audit to legitimize everything Trump alleged in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Even the Biden administration appeared poised to interfere with the audit, suggesting that a recount is illegal.

And believe me, from what we’ve seen so far, Trump might actually end up vindicated.

Earlier this month, the team auditing the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Ariz., reported that the county was refusing to turn over routers or even images of routers to election auditors despite a judge’s order. This past week, the audit team discovered  that “Maricopa County deleted a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit,” and also found “significant discrepancies between the number of ballots [in ballot boxes] and the batch reports included in the boxes.”

Obstruction… deleted databases… discrepancies… If I were a betting man, I’d put some good money on the audit uncovering significant fraud.

The question is: if it does, will it matter? Prominent voices on the left have been bashing the audit from the beginning. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow predicted “disaster” from the audit, and claimed that Trump will use the audit to cast doubt on the results “in a way that none of their failed lawsuits in the past have been able to do.” Others have echoed this sentiment, preemptively delegitimizing the results of the audit before it’s even finished. Questions have been raised about the competency of the audit team, and the media has branded the audit as the “GOP recount” or “GOP audit.”

Maricopa County officials have similarly tried to cast doubt on the audit. Maricopa Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers has claimed the allegations of irregularities and deleted databases are “lies and half-truths.”

In almost every sense, the left has made it clear that they expect the audit to find fraud, but they’ve baked into the cake that the audit is illegitimate. So, with that in mind, if they do find fraud, how many minds will be changed? Trump supporters will feel vindicated (rightly so) and the left won’t accept the findings.  Could the Maricopa County audit prompt similar audits in battleground states? Possibly, in states where the GOP controls the state government. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that we’ll get the perfect storm of events to unfold that will magically undo the 2020 election. Our best chance to stop the Biden presidency was before Inauguration Day. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where there’s enough objective proof of result-changing fraud. Keep in mind, that in just a few short months since taking over, Democrats have embraced every possible power grab to insulate their majority. Even if we get enough audits to prove Trump the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, do you think Democrats will just say, “Oh, whoops, here’s the keys to the car!” Not going to happen. The legal battles alone would take us into the 2024 elections.

In short, the Maricopa County audit does matter, but not because it will undo the 2020 election, but it will, as the left predicted, cast doubt on it. More than before. A Rasmussen poll from April found that a simple majority (51 percent) of voters believe that cheating impacted the result of the election. If the audit uncovers fraud, that number will increase, no matter how much the left poo-poos it. And the more doubt there is that the election in 2020 was legitimately decided the more likely that Republicans will benefit from something I like to call “payback.”



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