Sources Claim They Know Who Convinced the MLB Commissioner to Relocate the All-Star Game

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

In the wake of Major League Baseball relocating the All-Star game, almost everyone who was calling for such a move has been backtracking—including Joe Biden, and even Stacey Abrams, who was a major voice against the recently passed election law that Democrats have been making several false claims about.


But now, sources say that Stacey Abrams was the one who convinced MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to move the All-Star game out of Georgia.

The decision to relocate the All-Star game from Atlanta will cost Georgia over $100 million. Adding insult to injury, the game will now be played in Denver, which, as PJM’s Bryan Preston pointed out, is one of the whitest major cities in America with only 9 percent of its population being black. Atlanta is 52 percent black, meaning that MLB’s decision directly hurts black residents and black-owned businesses.

There is, however, a conflicting report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that claims Abrams actually “strongly” urged MLB to keep the game in Atlanta—but this is contradicted by her own actions prior to MLB’s decision.

Now, Major League Baseball is desperately trying to contain the backlash from their decision.


Regardless of what MLB does to repair the damage that they’ve done, the big question now is whether Stacey Abrams destroyed the political capital she had by lying about the new Georgia election law and encouraging a boycott of the state she claims to be an advocate for.

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