[WATCH] CNN Host Asks Gun-Grabbing Senator: What if an American Wants an Assault Weapon to Protect Against Terrorists?

Notorious gun-grabber Senator Chris Murphy (D) appeared on CNN to talk to Chris Cuomo about the hostage situation in Sydney.

Murphy cautioned about “profiling” against Muslims, when he was asked about assessing terror risks.


Cuomo followed up by asking:

You get a plus minus from situations like this for one of your signature causes. namely gun control in the US. We believe the man in Sydney has  shotgun, if he did, that would be an illegal weapon. When you look at what the risk is in the United States generally men like this are involving themselves with weapons but it also creates pressure on people who want weapons so they can defend themselves against citizens who decide to lose it and become sympathizers of terrorism. How does this change what you think you can achieve what you can do with gun control?

Whereupon Murphy responded with the typical, erroneous gun-control talking points without answering the question:

Ultimately what we know is that when a gunman walk into crowded places they kill more people when they have powerful assault weapons and this mythology that you end up killing bad guys by arming good guys just doesn’t work. Study after study shows you in communities where you have more guns, more people get killed and the reality is if you have a gun at home, you are more likely to be killed by it than to kill an attacker. We need to have a conversation about what kind of weapons we make legal because the assault weapons are more likely than not are going to be used in these mass slaughters rather than being used by some citizen to stop someone in one of those situations, hopefully we will be able to have that conversation.




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