Children's Wishes for Santa from 100 Years Ago Will Make You Smile

(Image via Twitter/TweetsofOld

Is what kids are asking from Santa this year any different from what children asked for a hundred years ago? R.L. Ripples @TweetsofOld can help answer that question. The Twitter account posts “one-line brevities” from old newspaper clippings in an attempt to open our eyes to how people lived years and years ago. Recently, the account tweeted several Christmas wishes from kids at the turn of the 20th century. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is how wonderfully innocent and hopeful children can be.


While our little ones today might be hoping for a video game, iPhone, or virtual assistant, kids back then kept things far more simple:

Some of them showed selflessness that can sometimes be hard to come by today:

And others, not so much:

Some requests are completely heartbreaking:

And you have to wonder how much different life was back then. No helicopter parents, that’s for sure:


There were kids who refused to follow gender stereotypes:

And some mingled in politics at a young age:

Perhaps some of the best ones showed kids just being kids. If it weren’t for the specifics of the requests, these children would be no different than our own sons and daughters today:


Share these tweets with your little ones to show them how much simpler life was not terribly long ago (relatively speaking, of course!).


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