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We all want to raise our kids right, live happy lives, and find inspiration through faith. But who has the time needed to determine how to do all that? And even if we had the time, would we have the energy?
Let “Keeping It Real: A Real Look at Parenting, Lifestyle and Faith” be your guide. Each week, Keeping It Real compiles the most insightful articles on parenting, lifestyle, and faith, and delivers them to your inbox. No more endless searching on the web. Just open your email, and Keeping It Real helps you live smarter.
Here’s a quick sampling of what you would find in Keeping It Real.


“Letting Go of Mom Guilt”
“8 Hacks You (and Your Kids) Need to Get Back into the School Routine”
“How Much Sleep You Have Lost Since Becoming a Parent”



“5 Wartime Tearjerkers Millennials Should Know About”
“Your First Two Weeks of Strength Training: What to Expect”
“New Filter Claims to Remove Hangover-Inducing Ingredients from Wine”
“There’s a Unique Electronic Watch on the Market, Not from Apple”



“The 7 Most Beautiful Passages in the Bible”
“Is Europe Lost? An Appropriate Jewish Response to Barcelona”
“The World’s Debt to Jesus Christ”
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