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Organizers compared her beliefs to racism and Nazism...
One day, Barbra Streisand will be hailed as a prophetess of sexual freedom because of her statements defending Michael Jackson.
Maybe his success will finally compel the MSM to begin reporting on the massacre of Christians in Nigeria.
"I'm confident that the Lord is at work here."
Non-Christians telling a Bible story. What could go wrong?
Muslims have been murdered for their faith.
The churches' sin? They sent postcards to people letting them know they had been prayed for.
In one of the most under-reported international stories, Nigeria has become increasingly dangerous for Christians.
All things must pass, and some things return -- but which? Christians? Druids?
When you have a message to deliver, it pays to stand out.
The Seventh Circuit upheld a 60-year-old federal tax provision that benefits churches.