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Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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"It’s essentially saying sexual orientation is a one-way street."
Oddly enough, progressive "Christians" say they shouldn't.
How many people will they lead astray with their new preferred nickname?
"Management would make them homeless rather than let them study the Bible."
Never mind that she signed a contract agreeing to adhere to Roman Catholic teachings.
That's a bit creepy...
"It’s unconscionable that they would go after him again."
Christians who are open about their faith are "religious extremist predators," according to Mikey Weinstein.
The God of the Bible is not a tribal deity.
If Justin Bieber is a large selling point for your church, you may want to find a new church.
Shane Claiborne appears comfortable doing both.
California centers won at the Supreme Court, but that's just the beginning.