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But it does need Christians who live out their faith and serve one another.
All bodies are not beautiful...and true self-worth is found only in Jesus.
A self-interested man leads a charge against Moses' leadership.
What's next? The Church of Sweden hosting brothels in the name of "hospitality"?
"Sermons in stone?"
Don't believe me? They just sent in a CHILD to spew propaganda at a church in Utah.
No public servant can believe Jesus is the only way to heaven...
"Thinking" about someone is not the same as praying for him.
"Fatherhood must be at the core of the universe."
Pray for Steve Scalise — and for a better public ethos.
Selfish choices in pursuit of self-fulfillment separate us from God's purpose for our lives.
The sad end of Lysa TerKeurst's marriage highlights the importance of accountability and community.