"I don't give a f**k what Jesus tells me."
Fighting "connotations of holy war" or suppressing religious freedom?
Attorney: "This is government coerced conformity to a particular agenda."
Slanderous gossip draws a severe penalty.
Yes, the Bible is clear that hell exists and is eternal. Here's why.
Christians run the risk of turning famous believers into idols.
Torah, mitzvot, shabbat, hope, resiliency...
"There's a lot of atheists in the closet," but who are these atheists, really?
It's time to push back against this cancerous message that vice is virtue.
The program—intended to calm kids down without Eastern spirituality—drew the ire of Christian parents.
"Be scared. Be f**kin' terrified."
"[N]ot consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church." Hmm.