Babylon Bee CEO: ‘Scientific Progressivism Is a Religion’

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When the CEO of a satire site has a more accurate understanding of biology than a “scientific” publication, that’s a pretty good indication that “science” has gone terribly wrong.


Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon took on a wacky piece from Scientific American that tries to defend “transgenderism” in the face of the blindingly obvious fact that a person cannot, in fact, change his sex through surgeries, hormone injections, clothes, or hairstyles. But “scientific” progressivism is no longer about science or truth; it is an irrational and dictatorially dogmatic religion, in which anyone who questions a pronouncement made in the name of “The Science” is figuratively burned at the stake for his inexcusable heresy.

Scientific American tweeted out its piece with the summary, “Three types of misinformation are being used against transgender people: oversimplifying scientific knowledge, fabricating and misinterpreting research, and promoting false equivalences.”

Dillon replied to the post on Twitter by slamming not only Scientific American but all such woke pseudo-science. “Modern science — in the name of progress — has gone from trying to understand reality to denying it altogether,” he commented. “Scientific progressivism is a religion. Don't be fooled by the fact that its priests wear lab coats.”


It used to be that religious dogma was the guide for people’s opinions. We see in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, that there are hierarchies established by God for the good of the faithful and that there are priests and minor clerics and councils to pronounce on doctrine. These can and have been abused, of course, but when operating rightly both Jews and Christians could be sure that when an official religious pronouncement was made, it was divinely sanctioned and worthy of true faith.

Now, in our modern day, we see a warped and perverted version of that system, that faith. Now we are told by scientists to accept and obey without understanding, and even without reason. We are told that if The Science(TM) said it, then  don’t believe your lying eyes — don’t think, don’t question, just accept and repeat the approved lie.

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In conclusion, Dillon added, “The reason radical progressives have co-opted science is because of its power and presumed legitimacy. People will believe anything if it comes from ‘science.’ And why should dissent be tolerated once ‘science’ — the real authority that has replaced religion as the ultimate source of truth — has spoken? In short, it allows useful lies to be affirmed as truths that go unchallenged.” They’re damaging lies, too, encouraging people to mutilate and injure their bodies to reinforce their woke “identity.”


The sad part is that such liars discredit and cheapen legitimate science by spouting nonsensical claims such as “biological men can be women.” Scientific inquiry in pursuit of truth has produced modern marvels, but it should never be poisoned by ideology and treated as incontrovertibly established — in fact, the latter attitude is the total opposite of the scientific method!  Dillon is right: Scientific progressivism is not only a religion, it is a dangerous cult.


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