What a Bad Day to Be a Democrat

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Though it's been less than a week since the Trump verdict, Karma has begun playing peek-a-boo with the Marxists still taking victory laps on Facebook.

It appears the commies once again thought they had Trump on the ropes over the obvious-to-anyone-who-isn't-a-pinko Stormy Daniels bookkeeping case that was never a case.


Stalinistas celebrate every time they think they have Trump trapped, and, like Charlie Brown and Lucy's football, they always end up landing on their thong-saddled, non-binary bahookies, wondering what happened.

Let's pour a bourbon and have a laugh at the purple-haired dunderbutts who, yet again, thought they had finally taken down the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.

1. By now you've heard that the Trump donation site crashed as patriotic Americans, 29.7% of whom were first-time donors, bombarded Trump with over $50 million in about 24 hours after the guilty verdicts, and a grand total of $200 million for the month of May.

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As a former liberal, I can assure you that the angry, progressive quislings pooped their crocks when they saw how real Americans responded to the Soviet show trials in New York City Moscow on the Hudson. 

2. A poll just out of my home state of Michigan revealed, much to the pain of the wailing, sissy-Mary sitzpinklers on the left, that the 34 guilty verdicts did not hurt Trump but, as America's favorite commie-hating, radio talk show host/ PJ Media pundit/bourbon-drinking comedian pointed out, likely helped him.

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Democrats are simpletons who, like a drug addict, crave the next immediate gratification they can get their cloven hooves around. They just want the initial kick of what they think is a "Gotcha this time, tRump," moment, never remembering the impending hangover of reality when Trump walks away, yet again, unscathed.

But Trump's cash grab and his boost in the post-verdict polls — and more are coming — aren't the only setbacks for the insurgents who want to see Americans enslaved by globalist gorgons.

3. New York City decided to incur a $15 "congestion tax" on people who travel south of 60th St. in Manhattan. The commies in charge thought it would be a tasty way to stick it to the profit-grabbing Milburn Pennybags of the Big Apple. 

But on Wednesday, Komrade Kathy Hochul delayed the tax indefinitely until the day after the presidential election because she knows New York State might, actually, possibly vote Republican for the first time in years.

Though I find Hochul to be nothing more than political nail fungus, she can read the writing on the wall; Americans are turning on the Democrats faster than Biden can invite our replacements over the Southern border.

4. As you've likely heard, the House Oversight Committee informed America's notorious tergiversator, Merrick Garland, that it has proof that Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden lied to Congress, which is a big, fat, juicy felony. The committee recommended criminal investigations.


The Oversight Committee knows that Jim and Hunter Biden sold access to the then-Vice President. It is looking to impeach Gropey Joe in what could be the worst political scandal since Hillary deleted 33,000 emails (and got away with it).

4.5. The gun case against Hunter is pretty daming. But he is on his own turf, so it's hard to say how this case will go. If the jury just looks at the facts and doesn't succumb to the sympathy of the ghost of Hunter's dead brother Beau, who has already made an appearance, Hunter should be found guilty.

5. Georgia's sassiest pinko, Fani Willis, might get booted from the Trump prosecution case. That could go either way, but we recently learned that the Trump trial will not proceed until a judge has decided whether or not to send Fani to the showers.

6. Judge Aileen Cannon just might decide that Jack Smith has no legal right to persecute Trump in what the Castromaniacs are calling the "classified documents trial."

Smith was not a federal employee when he was selected to try to pitbull Trump into yet another fraudulent trial. In order to appoint him, the Senate would have to have confirmed him. It did not.

Smith has been trying to have Cannon kicked to the curb but has thus far failed, as he is used to when it comes to prosecuting Republicans.


Legal scholars will convene in court before Cannon on June 21 to argue whether or not Smith has the legal right to bring a case against Trump, and it ain't looking good.

7. The Wall Street Journal released a damning article about how Joe Biden has the mental faculties of a carrot. Biden's dementia is becoming an inconvenient truth for the Democrats who see voters — especially black and brown people — leaving the Democrat plantation in record numbers.

Some people may have sympathy for the sad sacks that make up the left. Not me. I was one of them. I know how devoutly they hate us, so I will always hoist a bourbon and cheer their pain, which, I promise you, they are feeling tonight.


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