Tolerance and Acceptance Were Never Going to Be Enough for the Trans Crowd

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I try to bring humor to everything. I’m a comedian. As my wonderful friend and mentor Stephen Kruiser can tell you, comics find humor in the worst of conditions. Not only can I not see the “funny” in the Tennessee shooting, I don’t want to seek it.


The trans movement asked for tolerance, then acceptance. Then they just wanted to use the restroom of their preference for their safety, despite a lack of violence against trans people and a bushel full of trans attacks on kids. We allowed it. I regret that. A lot.

Today, we are at a point where a 6’4″ man named “Lia” Thomas has been allowed to dominate women’s college swimming, while the real women on the team were told to shut up and not complain about losing their accolades to Thomas and having to eyeball his twig and berries in the showers.

Major publications like the NY Post, the Daily Mail, and even the Post Millennial have called “he” a “she.”

People have lost their jobs for refusing to play make-believe with the small portion of the country plagued by a mental malady called “gender dysphoria.”

Despite all the ass-kissing the trans crowd has enjoyed, they feel they are being “genocided” out of existence. So much so that they are planning a “day of trans vengeance.”

In the United States, the trans crowd walks on water. Yet six people — three of them only nine years old — had to die, just five days before the “day of trans vengeance.” One of them was the daughter of the school’s pastor. I’m sure that was just a coincidence, right?


FACT-O-RAMA! Tweeting about the “day of trans vengeance” just might get your account restricted.

Most Americans don’t care if Carl wants to live as Carla. I don’t care if my neighbor is a bearded lady. What we can’t “tolerate” or “accept” is vile leftists fighting for the “right” of doctors to splice a confused 15-year-old’s penis into a vagina–or, as the “gaystapo” calls it, “trans healthcare for kids.”

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The movement for gay marriage was libertarian in nature, but the trans push is authoritarian. It wasn’t enough that your day at the spa with your daughter was ruined by some naked, half-staffed dude in pigtails sharing the women’s locker room with you. If you dared speak up, you were designated a bigot and told not to return. Riots ensued–even though that she-male was actually a serial sex offender.

FACT-O-RAMA! The trans “movement” has been fraught with violence, almost all of which has come from the left.


The truth is that the trans cult fanatics can’t be appeased. When you give the transgenders an inch, they demand straight men start dating them.

We could all have seven trans-pansexuals over for Christmas, but it can never be enough. Why? Because, as someone who has dated far lefties can tell you, we can’t please crazy people.

Gender dysphoria — transgenderism — is a mental illness. At least 40% of transgender youth people will try to kill themselves. Indulging their sickness — instead of offering help — is, in my opinion, cruel. Yet the left — specifically the rich, spoiled, non-binary tots of Antifa — will literally riot if we don’t bend the knee to the attention-starved dudette in a vintage store prom dress.

We were ok with adults swapping their overalls for female undergarments, but as Americans, we can’t sit back and watch the ill sink their hooks into confused kids, and apparently that’s reason enough to kill six Christians.

We gave the trans crowd everything they wanted — tolerance, acceptance, a key to the women’s room, and trophies meant for women. It just wasn’t enough. It never will be. That’s the problem.

Tennessee, I fear, is just the beginning of what the trans dime museums believe is come-uppance for phantom bigotry against a tiny portion of the population.


Or worse — far worse — they have to accept the fact that we just don’t care how they live their lives. That may be their problem.

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