Achtung, Baby! Your Historical Proof the Democrats Are Using the Nazi Playbook

(New York City Municipal Archives via AP)

We know Joe Biden has a history of plagiarizing but who knew he’d swipe Hitler’s libretto and unleash it on America? We the People should have known. The Democrats accuse Trump and/or the GOP of whatever skullduggery they themselves are up to, so when they called us “Nazis” for the past six years, we should probably have taken a closer look at what those Untermenschen were up to.


FACT-O-RAMA! “Semantic satiation” is the process of using a word so often that it loses its meaning, like calling us “Nazis” and whatnot.

I’ll get into the timeline in a moment, but let’s peep at some other similarities that are crucial to what’s going on — and what could happen — based on the Democrats’ increasing dedication to their Nazi-riffic leanings.

Thug Life

Hitler had a street thug army called the SA (also referred to as “Brownshirts” or “Storm troopers”) who would riot, break windows, and start fires. They frequently beat and sometimes killed people they considered ideological enemies, all with political impunity.

Today, the Democrats have Antifa, their non-binary, pan-transexual hermaphrodite army that throws a tantrum every time they get their gender-non-conforming undies in a twist. Antifa can frequently be seen attacking Christian outings or mob-beating journalist Andy Ngo.

Like Hitler’s Brownshirts, Antifa has the blessings of its bosses. Kamala Harris pimped a bail fund for the thugs, and Joe Biden dropped federal charges against those who weren’t among the 90% who had already had their charges dropped.

We could mention BLM here, too, but most of them have retired to their mansions and haven’t put down their Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande champagne long enough to wage war for the Democrats lately.


History Repeats Itself

Let’s take a look at the Nazis’ game plan for their first year or so in power compared to the Democrats and see if we can find any comparisons, shall we? Remember, the Nazis abhorred the Jews, much as Democrats hate the unvaxxed, along with any and all Americans who won’t obey them. Much of this historical info comes compliments of the Jewish Virtual Library.

Then: February 1933—the weekly pro-Nazi propaganda newspaper Der Sturmer becomes the official propaganda outlet for the Nazis.
Now: It’s hard to say when exactly CNN went all bootlicky for the Democrats. It could have started when Obama ran for president. By the time Trump came along, low-T Democrat toadies like Don Lemon were happy to go on the attack every night. By 2017, the tragic network was losing in the ratings to the likes of the Home Garden Network.

Then: March 21, 1933—The Nazis set up “special courts” to deal with people who dared to have differing political opinions.
Now: 2021-onward—So many people have been arrested on charges related to the January 6 fracas that cases are meted out to federal judges nationwide. Most of the alleged insurrectionists will be convicted of “trespassing.”

Then: March 22, 1933—The Nazis hold a grand opening for their first concentration camp, Dachau, intended to hold political dissidents.
Now: July 26, 2020—The Center for Disease Control (CDC) quietly updates its “shielding approach” (COVID camp) plans to deal with “high risk” people. This approach is based, in part, on information from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which the CDC may or may not condone.


NAZI-O-RAMA! A judge scrapped Rule 2.13, which gave New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s commissioner of health , Mary T. Bassett, the power to send anyone, sick or not, regardless of age (they could have snatched your kids), to a camp for as long as she wanted to. According to court documents, Rule 2.13 suggests “[t]he commissioner has unfettered discretion to issue a quarantine or isolation for anyone, even if there is no evidence that person is infected or a carrier of the disease. Further, the commissioner sets the terms, duration, and location of the detention, not an independent magistrate.” Like a good Nazi, Hochul is appealing the ruling.

Then: April 1, 1933—Hitler declares that no one will enter a Jewish business for one day.
Now: August 16, 2021—New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio mandates that no unvaccinated people (largely black folks) can enter a restaurant, bar, theater, etc., until further notice.

Then: April 7, 1933—Jewish government workers are required to retire.
Now: September 2021—Biden mandates vaccines for all federal employees, including the Armed Forces. Those who refuse to bend their knees and raise their sleeves will be fired.

Then: April 25, 1933—The Nazis ban Jewish kids from going to school.
Now: October 1, 2021—California becomes the first state to declare that unvaxxed kids cannot go to school.

Then: April 27, 1933—In an effort to annoy and possibly starve Jews, the Nazis ban kosher animal slaughtering.
Now: August 1, 2022—After spending years pretending cow farts are going to warp the atmosphere and allow the sun to bake us like gingerbread men (yes, I’m assuming gender), Democrats come up with an insane, $369 billion bill which, in part, takes aim at the beef industry. Meanwhile, billionaire Bill Gates suggests we eat bugs. Though the Nazis’ and the commies’ on-again-off-again relationship ended badly in 1945, today, they all agree on at least one thing: meat must go. Check out this poppycock from the bolshies at the Word Economic Forum (WEF).


Then: June 28, 1933—Hitler releases his journalistic requirements to everyone in the news media.
Now: September 2022—Intrepid PJ Media columnist Kevin Downey Jr. (whose paycheck is dependent on how many people read his articles, so click away, you sinful skanks!) takes a moment away from his tiki bar to report that Fauci has been in collusion with Big Tech about how to “cancel” people too smart to take 13 jabs of a fugazi vax. Granted, it comes well after his lovely associate, Stacey Lennox, broke the story about how the White House colluded with social media big-wigs, but who’s keeping score?

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Then: July 14, 1933—The Nazi party is declared the only political party in Germany. Dissidents are rounded up. By July 31, the Nazis will have captured 30,000 people, most of them political enemies.
Now: August 8, 2022—A government agency—that a well-dressed lad with a gorgeous crop of hair dares to call “the Democrats’ Gestapo“—raids the home of Donald Trump, the Republican most likely to run for president in 2024. One month later, Steve Bannon and roughly 35 other Trump associates are raided or subpoenaed by the FBI.

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Then: September 29, 1933—Hitler forbids Jews from farming.
Now: September 2022—Intrepid PJ Media columnist Kevin Downey, Jr. brushes off the alcoholic shakes and remembers that Zimbabwe almost starved their people into the grave by “canceling” white farmers.

YUM-O-RAMA! Let your farmers farm, and your people will always eat. It’s not rocket science, Nazi!

Then: October 24, 1933—Those blasted Nazis pass a law that would place “Habitual and Dangerous Criminals” (i.e., the homeless, unemployed, and alcoholics) in prison.
Now: September 2022—As such a law would incarcerate most of his family, intrepid PJ Media columnist Kevin Downey, Jr. roundly disagrees.

Then: 1933—Germany’s arrests for “sedition” are way up.
Now: 2022—Cracka, please!

The truth is, we could probably do this for days, but I think we can see more than a few reasons to think the Democrats are hacking the Nazis. Feel free to post more in the comments section. And don’t forget to share this with your liberal sister-in-law and her man-bunned boi(?)friend. Let the truth be known. Whether we call them commies or Nazis, the enemy is past the gate and well into the dining room by now. Thank God they won’t eat your steak.


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