Adios, Muchachos! Breakfast Taco-Americans Hand Divorce Papers to Woke Democrats

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The same toilet people who regurgitated the lie that “Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers” are oddly quiet today.

Just as the woketards were starting to realize Latino people aren’t crazy about pasty, purple-haired, sex-striking freakshows giving them the humiliating, gender-free moniker “Latinx” (only 2% of Latino people are cool with being called “Latinx” and 40% find it offensive), Jill Biden went tap-dancing in a field of mierda.


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HECHO-RAMA! Spanish is a masculine-feminine language, and all the gender-free woke culo de payasos in the world can’t change that. But they are trying.


[ boh-dey-guh]; a small grocery store, frequently found in New York City, that sells limited foods but is really convenient when you’re drunk at 5 a.m. and want to eat an entire box of Chocodiles.


As you may recall, a gringo recently made the mistake of griping on TikTok about the lack of foods available at the bodegas in his new home in da Bronx. The woke mob was quick to crucify the vile colonizer, known as “Bodega bro,” and had him fired in about a day. The same angry, pitchfork-wielding wokejobs who couldn’t wait to send a white boy to the unemployment line seem to be okay with “Dr.” Jill Biden butchering the word “bodega” and referring to Latinos as a grotesque breakfast that most Latinos would never eat.

Holy boot-licking, Batman, I haven’t seen this level of pandering since Hillary claimed to carry hot sauce in her purse.

OPINION-O-RAMA! I believe the words “breakfast” and “taco” should never be used together in any fashion.


As I’ve written before, I am engaged to a Puerto Rican, bisexual, Trump-loving, gun-toting, Empanada-American. Liberals hate her because she checks off a few of their boxes but has the audacity to think for herself and vote for the big, red elephant in the room.

My Adobo-American princess is not pleased with Dr. Jill Biden’s oratory vomit — let’s not forget Jill made her shameless faux pas paso en falso at an event with the dehumanizing title “Latinx IncluXion” — nor is she alone.


If you think the line of Hispanic people crossing the southern border is huge, you should see the mob of Latino voters leaving the Democrat party. Speaking of which, Latino voters do not like open borders.

We haven’t seen an exodus like this since Moses. It’s so bad that even the Washington Post had to mention it. Latino voters in parts of Texas shifted 30% for Trump in 2020. Mayra Flores (R-Texas), the first Mexican-born congresswoman in history, won a district that had voted blue for over 100 years.

As I mentioned, Latinos are not cool with the notion that woke, white saviors sit around coming up with new names for brown people. They aren’t happy with liberals castrating their language, literally. Nor are they down with the Democrats’ suck-uppery, which rolls around like clockwork a few months before every election day.


Many Latino people adhere to the traditional notion that men are men and women are women, meaning, typically, the men work outside the home and the women cook, clean (my Puerto Rican pigeon pea is a museum piece, as she does neither), and raise their kids — the classic gender roles of the nuclear family. They believe only women can give birth (crazy, right?). “Woke” isn’t really a “Latino thing,” but the libs can’t seem to accept that. Latinos are typically hard-working, religious, and pro-military. Someone better stop these Frito banditos before they start thinking for themselves. … Awww, too late. Ay, caramba!



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