Two Commie NYC Teachers Feed The Cancel Culture Beast, and I'm OK With That

Matt Rourke

The woke Laura Lynne Duffy teaches taught math at Fontbonne Hall, a swanky, private Catholic girls-only school in Brooklyn.

The pupils normally wear standard uniforms to school. The school administrators held a “dress down” fundraiser, where the students ditched the uniforms and wore blue in honor of the two NYPD officers, Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, who were murdered last week in Harlem by Lashawn McNeil. The socially bestirred Duffy had a problem with that. She tweeted this to her 69 Twitter followers:


If anyone was wondering, I am intentionally dressing up today. #Abolition #BLM

Abolition? John Brown would have been proud if she’d tweeted this 170 years ago. I’m guessing she’s a believer in that “400 years of slavery” codswallop that you may have heard on CNN, among other places.

“I am seriously thinking of taking my children out of the school,” an angry parent told the New York Post. “That was a totally insensitive remark and disrespectful to the officer, his family, and every police officer that patrols the neighborhood where she works and lives.”

The good news is Duffy will be “dressing up” for job interviews. Fontbonne looked into Duffy’s tweet and decided the school didn’t need a commie math teacher after all. The bad news is that a quick Duck Duck Go search of her name will bring up articles detailing her lack of respect for the NYPD.

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In the immortal words of legendary pitchman Billy Mays, “But wait, there’s more.”

Christopher Flanigan teaches taught at one of the swanky Coney Island Prep schools, also in Brooklyn. He posted to Instagram an overhead shot of Officer Rivera’s funeral outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral showing tens of thousands of police officers and added, “5/30/20: NYPD SUV drives into a crowd of protestors. Ideal conditions for reciprocity.” He was referring to a 2020 incident where George Floyd protestors were swarming two NYPD SUVS and throwing things at them. The vehicles pushed their way through the angry mob. No injuries were reported.


FACT-O-RAMA!  Flanigan has a weekly habit of opening his window and blaring his guitar out to his neighbors in Brooklyn.

Sounds to me like Flanigan was calling for an attack on cops at a policeman’s funeral.

“For a school teacher to condone an act of terrorism is reprehensible. I wouldn’t want him giving my own children instruction of any kind,” an NYPD police officer told the New York Post.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Flanigan tried to walk it all back, insisting he doesn’t condone violence and that his message was “misconstrued.”

“I was really just trying to show the vulnerability of all of these police officers being in the same place at the same time,” the BLM-embracing Flanigan told The New York Post. “Which seems like a dangerous situation for anyone that would be that gathered together.”

When pressed on his use of the word “reciprocity,” cuck Flanigan had this to say,

“Not in the sense for people to be driving or to be doing anything similar to what the police did,” he answered. “But they put themselves in a similar position by being all there all together and it’s similar to how the protesters were.”

All the double-talk and derriere smooching was for naught. Flanigan is now unemployed.


Cancel culture is, finally, a two-way beyotch. The left wanted it: now they’ve got it. Two teachers have been clown-slapped for their callous, anti-police cobblers. The New York S nation’s school systems need an enema, and the hose has been placed in Brooklyn.


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