BUSTED: Government Spending Mad Stacks on App to Study the Sex Lives of Gay and Trans Boys as Young as 13 Who Have Sex With Grown Men

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This is ugly. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) dropped roughly $8 million on an app that gathers data on the sex lives of gay and trans boys as young as 13 who have sex with men.


The boys download the app and report what they are doing sexually with men. The app even has games and activities that help these boys limit their “risk” in sexual situations. The NIH claims it’s an HIV prevention app. It seems as though it’s more of a tutorial.

I don’t know what part of this story is the most disturbing. Here are the nominees:

  • There is an app that chronicles the sex lives of gay and transgender boys as young as 13.
  • There are 13-year-old boys who believe they are girls.
  • There are 13-year-old boys having sex with men.
  • The National Institutes of Health spent $8 million on this app.
  • Some of that money went to the boys who are chronicling their sex lives.
  • Parental permission isn’t needed to partake.

No wait, I know the worst part of this situation. The U.S. government isn’t going after the predators having sex with gay and trans boys as young as 13 years old. They are happy to simply gather the “data” juicy details.

It “almost” seems like this left-leaning government is trying to normalize pedophilia. Check this out, from the NIH site,

The MyPEEPS Mobile intervention is a novel evidence-driven intervention using mobile technology to deliver HIV prevention information. This is the first study to test the efficacy of a scaled-up, mobile version of an existing HIV prevention intervention originally developed, designed, and piloted for, a diverse group of YMSM.


FYI, YMSM means “Young Men who have Sex with Men.”

There is no better way to normalize something repulsive than to give it a nice-sounding name. Remember, the left now calls pedophiles “MAPs,” which stands for “minor-attracted person.” The boys having sex with grown men are “YMSM.”

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Some medical experts believe the MYPEEPS mobile app creates some “ethical concerns.” Ya think? Teen boys were recruited to participate in six cities, again, with no parental consent. The doctors with MYPEEPS were able to dodge a parental waiver because an institutional review board somehow decided the risks to the study subjects (teen boys having sex with grown men) were somehow minimal.

Who would be behind the notion that young teens can even be “trans”? For starters, the Mayo Clinic. Yes, the same hospital system that won’t administer ivermectin to people dying of COVID-19.

Columbia University is being paid mad stacks by the feds to take the “data” from the MYPEEPS app and whip up studies. This isn’t their first rodeo. The feds also paid Columbia to look into whether or not marijuana use lends itself to gay black men in Chicago contracting HIV and how alcohol is involved in sexual assaults among bisexual women.


And we thought Fauci’s $1.2 million brutal beagle experiments were disgusting. This is a new level of government-funded depravity. Even worse, we all know Democrats never go to jail for their crimes or debauchery. The NIH will continue to spend millions of dollars to study pedophiles raping kids and will come up with cute acronyms to make it all seem normal.


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