NBC Reporter Pretends to Hear Something Else as NASCAR Fans Chant 'F*** Joe Biden'

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The dedication of the left is impressive. Despite the now-ubiquitous “F*** Joe Biden” chant being heard at numerous sporting events over the past three weeks, an NBC reporter laughed, then claimed the crowd was yelling “Let’s go Brandon” after Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR Talladega race.


You decide:

My guess: She knew what the fans were chanting but tried to cover it up. Fox News certainly knew.

As our own Victoria Taft reported, the chant is everywhere now.

This wouldn’t be the first time a leftist reporter has lied for the sake of the narrative. PJ Media’s Stephen Green reported in August that a CNN reporter, obediently wearing a hijab, claimed that the Taliban seemed “friendly” while chanting “death to America.”

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College football games seem to be the birthplace of the “F*** Joe Biden” cheer, but we’ve recently seen it cross over into pro games as well.


Rocker Aaron Lewis recently got his audience to chant “F*** Joe Biden” at a concert in Biden’s supposed hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Ouch!

New York Islanders fans might be the worst of the worst. They pelted their own team for WINNING.

That said, they were also the first sports fans to take over the singing of the National Anthem last season. Will they resume singing the National Anthem at their home opener on Nov. 19, roughly one month into the season, or will they take up the chant that is echoing through stadiums across the nation?


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