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This Weekend We Remember: The Left Is Evil

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

If you remember one thing this Memorial Day weekend, let it be this: leftists are horrible, cloven-hoofed sub-humans.

The word, “evil” gets tossed around like Marilyn Monroe at the Kennedy compound. Leftists believe voter ID, the wall, ICE, Trump supporters, and Christmas are all “evil.” Words are like baseball mitts. The more you use them the softer they become. Kind of like how the word “racist” no longer has meaning. 

FACT-O-RAMA: Using a word until it loses its meaning is referred to as “semantic satiation.” 

Let’s take a trip to memory land and look at some classic evil.

AUGUST 2016: A black man holding a gun was shot and killed by police in Milwaukee. The riots raged for four days. Cars were burned, stores were looted and torched, gunshots rang out. CNN showed a video of the dead guy’s sister bravely “calling for peace.”

“Don’t bring the violence and the ignorance here,” she bellowed courageously. The good people of Milwaukee probably went to sleep, finally feeling safe. The sister of the dead man is stoically calming the angry mobs. 

However, if you watch the unedited video, the young girl doesn’t call for peace. She calls for the relocation of the riots to the suburbs.

“Y’all wanna hurt somebody, take that sh*t farther out. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Don’t bring the violence and the ignorance here.

The sweet lamb was clearly calling for a race riot in the suburbs. CNN knew it. The angry mob listening to her may have agreed and obliged. The good people of Waukesha and other suburbs deserved to know the young lady was calling for their towns and cars to be burned that night.

CNN had three choices here: ignore the demand for a change of riot venue, excoriate the race-baiter for suggesting it in the first place, or lie and make her look like an angel. They chose the latter. 

Sure, big deal. That’s not SO evil. CNN lied about the young lady’s motivations but everything is fine. Who cares if CNN has an agenda and uses teenagers to propagate that agenda? That’s not dangerous.

Enter Sandmann

Eighteen months later a group of teens from a Catholic school in Covington, Ky., were in Washington, D.C., for a pro-life rally. They were white, Christian, and wearing MAGA hats. From the left’s point of view this is the enemy trifecta. At one point a student named Nick Sandmann found himself face-to-face with a man of Native American origin. Then Nick did the inconceivable — he smiled. Someone took a picture and overnight Sandmann was a clear example of the obnoxious, condescending attitude young, pro-Trump Christians have for minorities. NBC led the charge against Sandmann and the rest of the lefty media mob followed and crucified Sandmann for days. Bomb threats were called into his school and classes were canceled. People threatened to burn Sandmann’s house while he and his family slept.

Unfortunately for Lester Holt, CNN and the rest of the bloodthirsty imps, the video cameras were rolling. Nick and his squad were trolling no one. Black Hebrew Israelites were shouting horrible insults at Nick and his classmates. They called them “products of incest” and hurled words CNN would normally deem homophobic. The Native American/professional protester rain-danced his way into Nick’s face. Nick smiled. BASTARD!

The lefty news outlets looked more than foolish. Their nonsense threatened the lives of teenagers. What if a bomb HAD gone off in the school? Hundreds could have died. CNN’s lies and deception could have cost Nick and his friends their lives. Now that’s evil.

CNN and WaPo paid Mr. Sandmann tens of millions of dollars. Lawsuits against NYT, ABC, CBS, and Rolling Stone are not out of the question. Evil isn’t cheap.

Hydroxychloroquine and Trump for the Win

You want more evil? During the early COVID days of 2020, President Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a major player in helping people with the virus. Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett (D) claimed the anti-malaria med saved her life and thanked Trump for promoting it. The left jumped on Whitsett’s throat and voted unanimously to censure her.

CNN couldn’t allow Trump to have a victory so they slammed any pro-hydroxychloroquine studies as “incomplete.” On April 21, 2020, they DID post a study by the University of Virginia showing that hydroxychloroquine actually hurt a (small, sickly) group of aging veterans. The study wasn’t peer-reviewed, nor was it published in a medical journal. They ran with it anyway.

Less than three months later on July 3, 2020, CNN posted a story about a REAL hydroxychloroquine study involving 2,541 hospitalized COVID patients. Twenty-six percent of the patients who didn’t take hydroxychloroquine died as compared to the 13% death rate of those that took it. A clear victory for hydroxychloroquine and for Trump. CNN spent the rest of the article trying to discredit the study.

What Have We Learned

Hydroxychloroquine was shown to help COVID patients but CNN couldn’t allow Trump to be right so they attacked the medicine every chance they had.

How many libs directed their doctors not to allow their sick parents to have hydroxychloroquine because of CNN? How many died on a respirator because Trump just couldn’t be right?

That is evil. Enjoy your hot dogs.