The World Has Had 250 Years to Mimic Our Constitution

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Every time a liberal or leftist defends the illegal immigrants pouring over our border, they always have the same excuse:  “They are escaping a country that is horrible.”


Well, that may be true. Haiti is a mess. Honduras is worse. Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua are not found on my travel bucket list. These countries, as dangerous as they may be, all have one thing in common: Every one of them has had well over two hundred years to look at our “system” to see how and why it is superior to every other country’s, and then copy it.

Seven of the ten most dangerous countries in the world are in Central America or the Caribbean. In other words, just past our doorstep–close enough to see how democracy works and embrace it.

Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821. They have a similar constitution to the United States, but their history is littered with coups. Crime is rampant and gangs pose a serious threat. The military substitutes for a police presence.


Haiti gained its freedom from France in 1804, almost 20 years after England was chased from the 13 American colonies. Though the United States and Haiti are almost the same age, Haiti today is a quagmire of violence, political unrest and corruption.

Yes, there are obvious, glaring differences between the United States and these dangerous countries, size being just one. We are able to grow more food. We have more varied climates. I get that. But keep in mind, the U.S., Haiti, and Honduras are all almost the same age. Also, in 1800, two-thirds of France’s economic interests were in Haiti (sugar and coffee). They made a fortune off that island. Poverty for the newly-freed Haitians should not have been an issue, yet it continues to this day. Was there NOTHING they could have done in the past two hundred years to help themselves?


The United States started as a much smaller nation, saddled with debt. How did we grow to be a superpower as these other countries nose-dived into chaos and despair? More importantly, what have they done to change things? What CAN they do?

Sic Semper Tyrannis

This is a Latin phrase that translates to “Thus always to tyrants.” There is more to the definition.

A tyrant, by definition, is a ruler who arbitrarily and unjustly wields power to oppress the citizenry. The idea is that a tyrant will surely meet a dire end, which is expected and just.

To quote Tom Petty, “Everbody’s had to fight to be free.”

Cue up the liberal, bleeding-heart tears.

“But Downey, fighting is wrong. Besides, these people can’t POSSIBLY fight to establish the freedoms we have, you RACIST!”

They always throw in a “RACIST” or two.

Again, they are wrong. Those rascally Founding Fathers fought the largest military in the world and won.

Former Haitian slaves, mostly untrained for warfare, turned on their slave-owners and killed almost all of them. They then fought the French, British, and Spanish military, the three largest armies in the world, and were victorious, only to be ruled afterward by totalitarians. They’ve been independent since 1804. How’s that working out?

FACT-O-RAMA! France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, which written after the French Revolution, was inspired by Thomas Jefferson and the American Declaration of Independence.


If the United States was able to fight off England and become a superpower, these Central American and Caribbean nations could easily have at least established themselves as also-rans, instead of the “sh*thole” countries described by President Trump. Belize and Jamaica are frequent tourist destinations, thanks in part to an American media that is hesitant to report large-scale crime, including rape (because reporting it would somehow be racist) that imperils visitors. Imagine how prosperous these countries could be on tourism alone if their police cracked down on vicious criminals who prey on tourists, if the people were to rise up against dictators (look at Cuba) as mankind has done throughout history. The citizens of these countries would have a home with freedoms and opportunities, and they wouldn’t be flooding our border.

“But Downey, what you’re suggesting is impossible. Tens of thousand of people will surely be killed, you RACIST!”

December 17, 1989, Romanian commie dictator Ceaușescu ordered his army to fire on anti-pinko demonstrators. The army quickly turned on him. On Dec. 22, he gave a speech to a huge crowd packed with commies for support. One person booed. Then others joined in. Three days later, Ceaușescu and his wife were executed on Christmas Day. The Romanians made their choice. Only 162 were killed in the protests that took him out. Almost 1,000 more would die in the fighting that occurred afterward.


History is complicated, we know that. But these countries have had between 100 and 200 years to copy our program. Instead, they’ve chosen crime and corruption. Choosing to not allow them over our border isn’t racist, it’s self-preservation. It’s about time these countries did something for themselves.



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