When You Can't Find Racism Invent It: Fake Hate Crimes Are the New Black

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Dwayne Haynesworth’s auto repair shop in Spring Lake, N.C., was repeatedly attacked by vandals, who smashed windows and spray-painted racist graffiti on cars, including swastikas, “KKK,” and a picture of a klan hood. Someone even painted Please leave” on a car. Haynesworth is black.


The attacks went on for three weeks before Haynesworth decided to install security cameras. The very next day, May 25, he caught the two culprits on video. Neither wore klan hoods nor even MAGA hats. The video captured two teen-aged boys, both black.

Last month Viterbo University student Victoria Unanka claimed she was the victim of two race crimes. One night shortly thereafter, a fire started in a lounge next to her dorm. She texted a friend that she believed she was the victim of yet another racist attack because the fire was so close to her room. Unaka apparently didn’t know the school had installed cameras after she reported the two “racists attacks” against her. Imagine her surprise when the police arrested her for arson and negligent handling of burning materials. She was released on a signature bond.

If BLM, Democrats, and lefty news are to be believed, we are a nation boiling over with white racism. MAGA bigots creep in from the country and the suburbs to hang nooses on college campuses, draw Nazi symbols in Harlem, and spray-paint black babies white. If that were true, why do people have to create fake hate crimes?

When it comes to fake hate crimes, schools and colleges seem to be where it’s at. Hundreds of students walked out of White Bear Lake High School in early April after racist social media posts and threats were directed at black students. A white girl was initially blamed, but the FBI soon discovered the threats were a hoax. A “female juvenile” copped to the crimes.


While leftists focus on bigoted bogeymen and phantom racists, real racism seems to get ignored by the lefty press. On May 17, four-year-old white child Cash Gerson was kidnapped and stabbed to death by an 18-year-old black man. I just googled “Cash Gerson” and got 12,100 results. Three of the first four sites are in Spanish. “Breonna Taylor,” who was killed in a crossfire when her boo fired his gun illegally through a door and hit a cop brought 6,190,000 results, not to mention a ton of riots.

Ten days before the death of George Floyd, Lidia, 85, and Paul Marino, 86, were killed execution-style in a cemetery—as they visited the grave of their veteran son—by a black man who died shortly thereafter in a shootout with police. Real racism and yet no media coverage.

Not only does the left fake hate crimes, they sometimes protect the guilty. A black student was busted painting, “KKK” in a stairwell in Michigan’s Albion College in early April of this year. The school was happy the crime spree was over but failed to mention that the guilty “white supremacist” is a black student. Andy Ngo called them out,


The media seemed to shut down the day Chanequa Walker-Barnes, an associate theology professor at Mercer University in Macon Georgia, urged “Dear God” to help her find the “hate” she thinks “nice White people” who aren’t her “allies” deserve. In her titillating poem, “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman,” Walker-Barnes implores God to help her “hate white people.” The poem appears in a book called  A Rhythm of Prayer and can be found in Target’s online inventory.

Don’t even get me started on how the media handles Asian hate crimes.


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