Did Joe Biden Poop Himself at the D-Day Event?

Lou Benoist/Pool Photo via AP

If there was any doubt that the United States is no longer a serious country with a serious mainstream media, let's consider it settled science after the internet erupted this morning when it appeared Joe Biden pooped his pants during the D-Day event at Normandy. 


PJ Media's Matt Margolis covered the more-than-awkward event where President Biden made several humiliating gaffes, which certainly has Vladimir Putin quaking in his boots having to face off against such senility in Ukraine. However, the circus became even crazier as X users noticed a video clip where Joe Biden bends over in front of Jill in a moment where it looked like he lost control of his bowels. In the same clip, Jill Biden appears to cover her nose to escape the stench. 

Tim Pool, the purveyor of the hit YouTube political program Timcast, noted, "Oh my god he's pooping," which set off a poopstorm of users laughing at the President on X, not the image that Joe Biden wanted to present in the middle of an election season on a trip abroad. 

The Quartering echoed the sentiment stating only, "HE POOPED!"  

"Awkward," RNC Research posted with an emoji showing clenched teeth.  

Hundreds of other political commentators then took to analyze whether the President did or did not, in fact, poop himself at a state function. 


However, leave it to the left-wing serious journalists at The Daily Beast to make sure the record on this matter was fact-checked on behalf of the administration. Within hours of the event, the site had an article titled, "This Video Shows Joe Biden Did Not—in Fact—Poop Himself at D-Day Event," oddly listed under the "Extremism" category. Whether the extremism has to do with any Chipotle burritos Joe Biden consumed before the event or not, it's unclear.  

In the article, the mainstream shill author defends Joe Biden's engagement as "forceful" despite the President barely excreting the words out for his canned speech. The writer tried to paint laughing at what's a ridiculous scene — whether it's true Joe Biden pooped or not — as some kind of situation where a viewer should be ashamed of himself for thinking such a thing of the President.  

The article branded people laughing at a ridiculous scene as "MAGA Trolls," and the more the author protested, the more it seems the Daily Beast is attempting to cover up a hot turd on behalf of the administration. 

It's embarrassing that we live in a country where we have to legitimately wonder whether our President pooped himself or not. This isn't the first strange act of senility by Joe Biden, but merely the latest in a long list of cringe-worthy moments during his tenure as president. 


The Daily Beast writes this off in their article: "A couple of seconds after the clip the RNC shared online ends, the president locates the chair behind him and takes a seat alongside the rest of the contingent on stage."

Does this make matters better? If the President had trouble finding his seat and attempted to sit on air amid a stage of chairs, that bodes ill for his mental faculties even if his bowel faculties are intact. 

We may never find the truth as to whether President Biden pooped himself, but regardless, America looks like a complete joke under this regime.


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