So, Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Real After All, Huh?

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Hey, did you ever find out about a particular thing that was absolutely, undisputedly, 100% true? Like, no doubt at all? You had ironclad proof and everything? And after you found out about it, did you then run into somebody else who simply refused to believe it, no matter the evidence? Sure, we all know somebody like that. In 2020, it’s practically a hobby. But that’s not a good thing when the person who refuses to acknowledge facts and evidence is supposed to be a journalist.


For instance, take Hunter Biden’s laptop. Please! Take it, because CNN and the NYT and the rest of those frauds didn’t want to hear about it before the election. They refused to cover the story, and when they finally had to, they dismissed it.

The New York Post broke the story on Oct. 14, and our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters panicked. They knew the story was trouble for Joe Biden, so they straight-up lied about it.

Report: Big Tech, Media ‘Stole the Election’ by Burying Biden-China Scandal

According to them, the information was both “hacked” and also, somehow, “Russian disinformation.” When in truth, it was neither. Hunter Biden, an admitted drug abuser, abandoned one of his laptops at a repair shop less than five miles from his father’s home. The laptop is real. The information on it is real. The trouble Hunter finds himself in is real.

The NY Post‘s story was censored on Twitter, and the outlet’s Twitter account was suspended. A lot of other Twitter users (including yours truly) were suspended for talking about the story. And now the Delaware computer repairman who stepped forward with hard evidence of Hunter Biden’s misdeeds has been driven into hiding.

Can you guess what happened next?

Daily Beast:

The Seeds of Hunter Biden’s Current Legal Woes Were Found on His Laptop

The Justice Department’s announcement on Wednesday that it was investigating Hunter Biden, for what he deemed to be “tax affairs,” took root several years ago with a much broader inquiry that included possible money laundering…

Hunter Biden’s business dealings were always a ripe target for President Donald Trump and his allies. But they became the primary focus of their attacks after the president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, claimed in the election’s closing weeks to have obtained a copy of the younger Biden’s laptop from a computer repairman in Delaware named John Paul MacIsaac.


Oh. So we were right all along. How about that?

Sorry to quote myself, but I really nailed this one on Oct. 22:

This isn’t about an election, or at least it isn’t for me. It isn’t about who you think should be president for the next four years (or as long as Joe holds up). It’s about national media outlets blatantly refusing to tell you the truth because they think they know who should be president. They don’t think you can make that decision for yourself.

Well, they did it. They swept the story under the rug because they knew it was bad for the guy who wanted to replace Trump, and they didn’t care about anything but replacing Trump. They weren’t worried about integrity, reputation, professionalism, or anything else that might have kept them from lying.

After all, who’s gonna stop ’em? You? Me? They don’t care about us. All journalists care about is giving each other awards and basking in the praise of their bosses in the Democratic Party.

Now they’re doing the same thing with Eric Swalwell. He’s embroiled in a huge scandal, and they’re just pretending it isn’t happening. After all, he has a (D) after his name and they’re team players.

I don’t believe the Democrats stole the election. But via their enablers in NYC and Silicon Valley, they covered up the truth about the Biden family to sway the outcome of the election.


If you didn’t trust them before Election Day, all they’ve done is prove you right. And now they’ll hate you even more for it.

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