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Church Robbed of Donations to Pro-Life Pregnancy Clinic

A Catholic church has been robbed of donations destined for the Marih Center, a Pro-Life crisis pregnancy center in Alexandria, Virginia. St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria had been collecting donations of diapers, baby clothes, food, and infant formula for mothers in a playpen in the back of the church.

Multiple robberies removed the donated supplies from the church, straight from the playpens. Also, they took the playpens.

From the St. Mary's church bulletin:

First, as we do typically twice a year, we are currently collecting items for Marih Center, the crisis pregnancy center on Duke Street. We ask for diapers, baby clothes, etc.  These donations are placed in a playpen at the back of the church, very appropriate for the task at hand.

We have had a problem of people coming into church and taking the donated items, meaning they never make their way to Marih. Well, two weeks ago someone stole the whole playpen. Maybe using the word ‘stole’ is not correct. Perhaps someone was in desperate need of a playpen for their little ones. One of our parishioners, an usher, was kind enough to buy a new playpen. Sadly, that depository was also stolen last weekend. I didn’t realize how much of a commodity playpens have obviously become. Nonetheless, that is the saga of the Marih Center playpen.

How base must one become to steal from a church, particularly supplies destined for needy mothers?  Had the thief approached the pastor of the church seeking help, Christian charity might well have resulted in the thief receiving cheerful assistance. But respect for the rule of law, particularly as it pertains to these charitable donations destined for needy mothers who have chosen life over abortion, is in short supply these days.