Biden's Broken Border: A Crisis by the Numbers

AP Photo/Fernando Llano

Friday afternoon, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) quietly released some truly startling Southwest border migrant encounter numbers.

Fox News reports that “a total of 192,001 migrants were encountered in September, slightly down (9%) from 209,840 in August and 213,593 in July.” September’s numbers, though, mean there were a total of 1,734,686 encounters at the border in Fiscal Year 2021 alone—the highest number of U.S. border encounters in a single fiscal year on record.


And don’t forget, these numbers are simply the “migrant” encounters that were recorded by the U.S. Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations (OFO). Just imagine how many thousands more people entered the country illegally and undetected. Imagine how many of those were not only breaking our immigration laws, but are also violent and deviant criminals intent on doing Americans harm while the left feebly snivels and claims anyone who demands our border be secured and lawfully regulated is racist and hateful.

The CBP data show that the number of single adults encountered at the border by CBP and OFO is up 8.7% this fiscal year. The majority of these “migrants” are young males, not families and children as the left likes to claim. Many of them are multiple-time illegal immigration offenders as well as gang members and convicted criminals. On Wednesday, Fox’s Bill Melugin reported that in just a span of hours Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley “arrested three gang members who crossed illegally: one MS 13 with homicide charges in New York; one MS 13 with homicide arrest in El Salvador; and one18th Street member who was deported last month.”

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Meanwhile, every single day—including today—Melugin reports on the number of so-called “migrants” who keep pouring across the wide-open Biden/Harris border:


These groups of suspiciously clean, fashionably clothed, and seemingly not exhausted “migrants” streaming from the brush after somehow crossing the Rio Grande River unscathed certainly do make one wonder exactly how these people are getting to the border and who exactly is funding their months-long journeys. If only we had a president or a vice president who could find the time or who cared enough about the safety of the American people to not only visit the border, but do something to secure it— you know, like they both took an oath to do.


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