Illegal With Extensive Rap Sheet Arrested for West Virginia Murder

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

We have officially hit double digits in my writing about the crimes committed by people who should not be here in the United States if we had normal people in charge of the country.

But we don't, so now let me introduce to you David Antonio Calderon of El Salvador, yet another "newcomer" that Biden's handlers barely looked over before deciding they needed his vote and let him in.

Calderon is believed to have committed a murder in West Virginia (hello again, PJ Media readers of the Mountain State) after police discovered a burning woman's body just outside Martinsburg earlier this May. However, authorities have not positively identified her yet, although she is estimated to have been 33 years old and authorities have a good idea of who she is.

This fine gentleman is also supposedly connected to several malicious assaults in Frederick County, Va., attacking two with a baseball bat and stabbing a third. Did I mention he had done time in El Salvador for about 22 years for a whole suite of crimes?

From 1999 to 2021, Calderon was in prison in El Salvador for multiple crimes like DUI, drug offenses, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, and murder.

And get this: he entered the U.S. illegally not long after getting sprung from the can (of course), but tried to make his way to Canada and claim asylum there in March 2023.

The Canadians must have done a better job of vetting him than we did because they denied him. Yes, really. Here at PJ Media, we have made fun of Canada for being a leftist hellhole, but even it has enough common sense to not let a guy with a rap sheet as long as your arm into the country.

Once the Canadians tossed him back to the United States, Calderon was evidently just given a notice to appear in court (years from now, no doubt) and sent on his merry way. Now another woman is dead, and three people are injured.

"We really need to change our immigration system in this country. This is unacceptable," Fox News quoted Berkeley County Sheriff Rob Blair after Calderon was arrested on May 13. You think, Sheriff Blair?

This story came to my attention just a day after our resident funnyman Kevin Downey, Jr. detailed how two illegal immigrants from Chechnya were confronted by a Special Operations colonel in Carthage, N.C., when the colonel shot one of them after a confrontation. They may have very well been sleeper agents of some kind, as they were supposedly monitoring the colonel extensively.

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On top of that, around the same time, two illegal immigrants from Jordan tried to enter the Quantico Marine Corps base. So not only are Biden's handlers letting in regular scum of the earth into the United States, but they are letting in terrorist scum of the earth as well.

After all, over 350 people on the terror watchlist have been caught trying to cross the southern border, so who knows how many got in undetected?

On a similar note, what did the American people ever do to Biden's handlers? What sort of sadistic pleasure drives them to flood our country with bad people?

That's a question for another time, hopefully, if Donald Trump is able to return to office and start investigating these people.


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