Strange New Respect

“Richard Nixon — the last great liberal,” writes Douglas E. Schoen on the 100th anniversary of Nixon’s birth date. Schoen’s bio states that he “has served as a pollster for President Bill Clinton and is currently working with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg,” in a piece at Fox News today.


Yet more love of Richard Nixon from the left. Previous examples have included Timesmen Paul Krugman and Tom Wicker, and far left bomb thrower and former movie critic Roger Ebert.

Of course, Nixon wasn’t exactly rewarded by the left for adopting their policies, but then, see also George Bush, both father and son.

(Speaking of the latter man, I wonder if George W. Bush will also be awarded strange new respect from the left, in a decade or four?)

Related: At Commentary, Jonathan S. Tobin explores “The Lessons Of Nixonian Politics,” but as Victor Lasky wrote in one of the best books of the period regarding corruption in Washington in general, and the War on Nixon specifically, It Didn’t Start With Watergate.


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