American is Better Then Birtherism

Statement made:

It certainly is better “then” that: people who say that Barack Obama was born in Kenya should not be in the White House:

More from Jim Treacher, who writes:


Yeah, what sort of unbridled narcissist would read his own literary bio? Not Obama, that’s for sure…

“Birther” means whatever it needs to mean at the moment a liberal uses it. People who think Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii are “birthers.” People who think Obama was born in Hawaii, and who wonder why he used to claim otherwise, are also “birthers.” The word has been rendered meaningless. Now it’s just an epithet to throw out when you don’t feel like thinking.

That’s not the only word that’s been rendered incoherent in recent years by leftwing overreach.

Incidentally, Treacher notes that the L.A. Times is claiming that is responsible for the inadvertent aerial attack on Barack.  If that’s true, “than” why do they hate the environment so, by engaging in unnecessary aviation?


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