Ed Driscoll

Should NPR's CEO Fire Herself?

Mickey Kaus asks, “Should NPR’s CEO Fire Herself in the Juan Williams Debacle,” having committed thoughtcrime herself:

Here’s some punditish speculation: Schiller’s in trouble. Whatever her intent, she fired a black man for not abiding by his second-class speech status! Then she snarked at him. Might not play well, no matter how PC she was trying to be. When you’ve lost Howie Kurtz*, you’ve lost respectable.

Or as one of Glenn Reynolds’ readers asks, “Has anybody in the media made this big a gaffe since Dan Rather defended those fake TANG documents?”

And speaking of NPR and PBS, Roger L. Simon has a very simple suggestion for the next Congress, should it wind up being controlled by the GOP: The Juan Williams Law.

* Apropos of nothing, even before NPR nuked Williams, it’s a strange new world of big journalism, when Kaus is commenting about Kurtz — and to the best of my knowledge, neither man is currently employed directly or indirectly by the Washington Post. (Mickey used to be with Slate, which is still owned by the Post; he’s now with the post-Post Newsweek. Kurtz of course, was recently ensnared by the Daily Beast. Those of you playing along at home, adjust scorecards appropriately.)