Ed Driscoll

I Need A Study To Tell Me This?

Science Daily breathlessly reports:

In new research, male circumcision is found to be much less important as a deterrent to the global AIDS pandemic than previously thought. The author, John R. Talbott, has conducted statistical empirical research across 77 countries of the world and has uncovered some surprising results.

Be sure you’re sitting down for this:

The new study finds that the number of infected prostitutes in a country is the key to explaining the degree to which AIDS has infected the general population. Prostitute communities are typically very highly infected with the virus themselves, and because of the large number of sex partners they have each year, can act as an engine driving infection rates to unusually high levels in the general population.

Go figure. Or as Jonah Goldberg once wrote:

Indeed, if you were to read any one of the stories I cited at the beginning of this column