Dr. Helen

The Collateral Damage in the War on Men

“Your husband is the only man who has ever helped me carry anything ever in public,” said a middle-aged woman getting off the shuttle bus at the airport in California.   I was caught a bit off guard and then realized that my husband, Glenn, had helped her load a large suitcase onto the bus and he was back on getting our bags. Lest you think I am a real loser, I was waiting with our other bags and couldn’t lift the heavy ones because of my ICD which makes it hard.  But enough excuses.  My point here is to say that it is a sad day when by the time a woman is middle-aged, she has not had any man help her out in public. She seemed sad about it and so did I. The problem is that there are so many women’s groups and a culture that tells women that men are no good that it is now cause for celebration when any man helps a woman or opens the door for her or anything.  It’s collateral damage of the war on men and while women like her may not be active combatants,  they suffer nonetheless, and in a way the suffering is their fault too. I wonder how often this woman has stood up for a man in the past?