Syrian Refugee Explains Why He Loves Trump, Hates Obama

Fox News has now discovered Kassem Eid, the articulate and passionate Syrian refugee who appeared on CNN several times last week. Eid, a former rebel fighter and spokesman, appeared on Fox News Business twice Monday, where he once again berated former President Obama for breaking his “red line” promise and called President Bashar al-Assad a dictator who is “worse than Hitler.” The 2013 sarin gas attack survivor had nothing but praise for President Trump.


Eid began his interview with Fox Business’ Liz MacDonald by offering his “deep condolences” to Christians in Egypt and throughout the world in the wake of the Palm Sunday terrorist attacks. “As a Syrian and a Muslim we stand by your side,” he said.

Eid, who is now a Syrian activist in Germany, said Obama’s lack of action in Syria led to a power vacuum.

“He fueled ISIS and the extremists, creating a vacuum for them to operate. He broke his promise and he broke a lot of peoples’ hearts in Syria,” Eid said. “He encouraged terrorists to do more. He led a lot of people to desperation — to join extremist groups like ISIS. I’m very grateful, I’m very thankful as a Syrian and a refugee who was forced to leave his country after I was gassed to death, after I was living under siege for over two years, I’m very grateful for President Trump’s action against a criminal. I’m grateful to the United States.”

Eid had nothing good to say about our former president.

“He sold out to the Iranians,” he said. “He wanted to do anything to make the Iran deal possible. He was too worried about his legacy. President Obama wanted to become the president who didn’t use force and got the deals done.”

Addressing Obama directly he said, “Well, sir, you cannot make deals with dictators. You should punish dictators. You should hold them accountable. He made a deal with Iran dictatorship. He made a deal with Assad. He made a deal with the Russians. He made deals with all dictators — with Cuba — with a lot of dictators. This should raise a lot of questions. Instead of holding dictators accountable, you’re making deals with them. And innocent people — civilians like us are paying the price. We’re collateral damage,” Eid declared.


MacDonald asked Eid about how he and other displaced Syrians feel about their refugee status.

“You have said too that you do not want to be a refugee — that you want to stay in your own place in Syria. Do others agree with you about that? And do they agree with your feelings about President Obama?” she asked.

“I want to say to everyone who’s listening right now. You should go back to the beginning — to 2011 — when the Syrian people from the North to the South were all demonstrating in the streets, challenging the Assad dictatorship. We were chanting and singing for freedom. We wanted to have free elections, we wanted to live as equal citizens. We wanted to make our country a better country for everyone. We did not rebel and sacrifice our families and our future and everything we have so we will become refugees in the United States or Europe. We do not want to become refugees. We want to go back home,” he insisted.

He said that he and all of the Syrians he is in contact with “all share the same ambition. We want to go back home. We want to rebuild our country. We want to have free elections, we want to have a democracy.”

Eid added, “Assad is worse than Hitler. This man destroyed the country and killed a half million people and displaced half of the country. He gassed people to death, raped thousands of women. Please check out the Caesar report about people who got tortured to death, and images that only look like the concentration camps from WWII. Anybody who will replace Bashar Assad will be better than him,” he said.


He had another message for President Trump:

“President Trump, please. What you did was amazing. What you did was giving us Syrians hope — giving us refugees hope that we’re going to come back home, one day. Please take out Assad.  He’s still killing people with barrel bombs, with cluster bombs, with napalm. Yesterday he killed a lot of people. Please take him out. Help us go back home,” he concluded.


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