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Two Blasts Strike Coptic Churches on Palm Sunday in Egypt, 49 Reported Dead

See below for updates:

Terrorists have bombed two Coptic churches today in Egypt. The first blast was in Tanta in the Nile Delta, where 25-26 are reported dead.

In Alexandria, Pope Tawadros II was leading mass when a suicide bomber struck St. Mark's church. Pope Tawadros has survived, but a police officer was killed along with several others worshipers.

This occurs just months after a suicide bomber targeted a church in the Coptic cathedral compound in Cairo last December that killed 29 -- mostly women and children.

The Islamic State later took credit for the suicide bombing.

As I reported here at PJ Media in February, hundreds of Coptic Christians fled the Sinai after repeated attacks targeting their community.

Coptic Christians have been targeted across Egypt in recent months:

I will provide updates here as they are available.