Halloween Horror: House in NY Displays Anti-Hillary Themed Decor

A passionate Trump supporter in New York went all out for Halloween this year by decorating his house with spook-tacular Hillary Clinton-themed decor. A Facebook user posted a video of the residence in Bellmore, Nassau County, and it quickly went viral.


The front yard of the home features both pro-Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton signs — but mostly anti-Hillary Clinton signs. Several of the unflattering Hillary cut-outs label her a “liar,” “criminal,”  “murderer” and “traitor.”

The home is basically one giant negative ad against Hillary — which presumably aims to terrify people into voting for Trump.

This house in Bellmore!!!

Posted by Brian Mc Kibbin on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Hillary-themed haunted house in St. Louis promises to “scare the pant(suits) off” residents:


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