Michael Walsh’s new book smashes “Critical Theory,” the ‘60s movement that destroyed the past to again make room for humanity’s oldest bad idea. (Click here to hear PJ Media's Walsh on the Mark Levin Show Thursday night.)
GOP leadership, scrambling, wanted you to believe Paul Ryan somehow had an appeal to the voters and the Freedom Caucus that Kevin McCarthy did not. In reality, Ryan has just as little chance at 218.
Occasionally, the music industry can give you a spiritual awakening.
Folks now flee the state you used to move to when you’d “made it”; Senator Scott Frantz weighs in.
Tip your hat: he first proposed the idea in his 2005 Men in Black, when few conservatives saw signs of the Court's tyrannical future.
After a campaign spent hiding his GOP-establishment ties, LaHood goes full leftist just a day before the election.
After Darin LaHood's embarrassing debate performance and kingmakers Mark Levin and Dana Loesch endorsing Mike Flynn, details emerge from those fed up that Ray LaHood's son got this far.
Said Levin: "I get people calling me all the time: 'Mark, what do we do, what can we do?' Well, here's one thing we can do!!"(UPDATE: Levin isn't the only kingmaker who jumped in yesterday ... )
Ask the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to back up their claim: tell them to release Mike Flynn's and Darin LaHood's survey responses, or to rescind their dishonest, fool-the-voters power play. Demand the press covering tonight's debate cover this as well.
The moderator attempted to re-ask a question that LaHood stumbled on during the debate.
With the election two weeks away, the GOP establishment wannabe shows he's learned the First Rule of Fight (Conservatives) Club.