48 Hours Later, Media Still Keeps Dems' Total Collapse in Reuters Poll a Secret

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On Monday, Reuters/Ipsos announced that the Democratic Party’s strong lead on the generic ballot question, which had remained stable for most of 2018, had rapidly collapsed over the prior week.


The #BlueWave narrative — the media’s all-but-concluded assumption that Democrats would retake the House of Representatives from the GOP in November — has largely been based on the state of the generic ballot poll. So you might assume the media tasked with covering the 2018 midterm elections would immediately react to a sudden shift in the most important metric available for predicting the most important outcome of those elections.

They did not. Yesterday, I published an article titled: “24 Hours Later, Not One Mainstream Outlet Has Covered Dems’ Total Collapse in Reuters Poll“.

You might assume the media couldn’t possibly ignore Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s game-changing news: the poll was no outlier.

Reuters is now showing five consecutive days of the GOP either ahead or virtually tied on the generic ballot question:

Further, note that the Democratic Party has been trending downwards for nearly a month, and that the GOP has been steadily advancing since the start of April.

Now we have five straight data points of the GOP in the lead or a virtual tie, and 48 hours-plus of this data being available to all media covering the 2018 midterms.


Despite this portending a change in theme for virtually all midterm coverage across the industry, as of this writing, only The Hill among all mainstream/left-of-center publications has headlined the collapse of the Democratic Party’s support.

Last week, Americans heard the Democratic Party’s elected representatives and key figures defend the monstrous terror group Hamas, fight to recognize the “humanity” of the barbarous MS-13, and claim that a spy dispatched to the Trump campaign was in fact an “informant” who was “protecting” Trump from Russia.

Apparently none of this appealed to voters — and they immediately responded.

When might the media respond?

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