Social Justice for Diamond and Silk!

To those of you who identify as Progressive-American, to those of you outraged that two black women suffered economic injustice dealt by a ruthlessly powerful corporation led by a white, male CEO: you can relax now. I assure you that the Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and the SPLC will tear into Mark Zuckerberg (gasp — does Linda Sarsour know he’s a Zionist?) today for silencing two female, person-of-color voices.


Well, maybe they won’t do it today.

But I can assure you that whenever they do choose to stand for Diamond and Silk, it will be — by definition — the proper time to fight for them.

Why is that? Well, frankly, you probably had no biological right to question the priorities of those POC-led organizations in the first place.

Yes, these groups did choose to remain silent these past few days regarding Diamond and Silk. Yes, so did literally every progressive organization on Earth, from grade school PETA chapters to the State Department. But intersectional theory — which I know you all claim to be adherents of, per your Bumble profiles — requires you assign more value to the judgments made by those bearing certain combinations of oppressed identities.

So relax. The Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and the SPLC understand the progressive canon and intersectionality better than you do. When — or, you know, if — they decide the time is right to dedicate their limited resources to avenging Diamond and Silk is their call to make.

Social justice organizations are always stretched thin. So they fight the battles against bigotry, racism, capitalism, and patriarchy that intersectionality demands they prioritize. Perhaps if you had silenced your own biases and actually listened to those groups’ … er, silence, you would have already understood why they’ve been M.I.A. on Diamond and Silk.


These two women are black, cis-female, raised without privilege, and apparently living in a godawful food and safe-space desert where the world’s worst liquor, blue curacao, is the only option for hydration and stress relief. I get that.

But our activist leaders get that, too. Better than any of us could ever possibly get it, actually.

The superior judgment inherent in their POC identities must have measured the oppression Diamond and Silk are experiencing. Those activist leaders must have unanimously decided — heck, I bet they didn’t even bother to discuss Diamond and Silk amongst themselves, that’s just how wise they are — that “black, cis-female, raised without privilege, suffering economic justice, their voices silenced by a ruthlessly powerful corporation headed by a white male CEO” simply was not more deserving of their limited resources than …

…  David Hogg.

You shut your mouth. You shut your mouth right now.

You don’t understand and could never understand.

The Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and the SPLC have made their decision. And that decision was that David Hogg deserves 100% of every POC progressive organizations’ attention and willpower in the battle against capitalism and white patriarchy.


Of course this is progressive. Of course intersectionality might require that Diamond and Silk — when up against a middle-class, thin, white male whose DNA will make him an instant cause of campus “rape-culture” next year — might not win a battle to be noticed.

You’re just incapable of understanding why. Because I bet you’re all a bunch of privileged white males. From some rich Florida county.

Voices like that don’t even matter.



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