Boys Vs Men and Girls Vs Women. Who's Sexier?

Dr. Helen misinterprets (or perhaps avoids) the point that I made in my previous post attacking our culture’s need to hold up teenage attitudes of sexuality as “normal” and acceptable:


Women are often at their most fertile and attractive at the ages (18-22) that Swindle is describing.   Men being attracted to women of this age is called normal. Should you act on it? Maybe not but that’s not the point that Swindle is making. He doesn’t even seem to think that you should be fantasizing about women who are of age–18-22. Why not? Why should men only be interested in “mature women,” especially for a fantasy?

I didn’t say it’s wrong for MEN to fantasize about WOMEN who are 18-22. I said it’s wrong for MEN to fantasize about GIRLS who are 18-22. Operative words that Dr. Helen chooses to filter out: “but still looking young and girly.” At 18 and 22 plenty of females can still look like they’re 15 or 16. (And most of them still act like it…)

What I am saying is that grown MEN should be attracted to grown WOMEN. And they should be MEN who are more concerned with starting a family rather than childish, little BOYS mesmerized by how good an orgasm feels and how exciting it is to have sex with a new body. Yes, Charlie, it’s “normal” for humans to act like animals and worship sex. But we need to be better than normal. As I wrote in my review of Still the Best Hope, we need to rise up from our animal nature — not revel in it and excuse its excesses.


Who is the healthier human being? The 50-year-old BOY who hasn’t grown up since he was 13 and longs to have sex with immature GIRLS who are young enough to be his daughter?

Or the MAN who focuses his sexual energy on a committed marriage and the responsible, mature WOMAN in his life who will be a strong mother, nurturing and defending his BOYS and GIRLS?

Which female is more likely to be leading a happy life? A 45-year-old GIRL who is most sexually attracted to BOYS who look like this?

Or the grown-up WOMAN interested in MEN who look like this?

It’s Father’s Day. When I’m done with this post I’m going to give my Dad a call and thank him for growing up, becoming a MAN, and deciding that he’d rather spend his life loving me, my Mom, and my siblings instead of idolizing some GIRLs body.

Update: How a Real Man Responds When a Married Girl Offers Her Body


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