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A recent conversation with my (now former) GP did not go well. After insisting on the virulent consequences of COVID-19 and extolling the efficacy of the jabs, he did not respond kindly to my demurrals. He simply dismissed as the illiteracy of a layman my recital of the results provided by our best, independent virologists on the 99% recovery rate from the virus (the profusion of contrary fact-checks by the usual suspects is obviously meant to uphold the ritual narrative), the adverse and often lethal nature of the genomic injections, and the grand collusion and bulldozing approach of the major operators promoting the greatest scam of the modern age, perhaps the greatest scam in human history — referred to as a “plandemic.”


He obviously did not know the clinical findings of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or of mRNA inventor Robert Malone, whose exposure of what we may call the “Corona conspiracy” was definitive. The work of such sober and world-class researchers in the field as Peter Breggin, Sucharit Bhakdi, Jeffrey Tucker, Joseph Mercola, Colleen Huber, Alex Berenson, Julius Ruechel, Christopher Shaw, Aaron Kheriaty and Aseem Malhotra — indispensable reading for anyone, not only medical people, interested in real learning — was a closed book. He clearly had never consulted the Great Barrington Declaration or the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Brave Canadian doctors who risked career and reputation to speak truth to medical power, like Roger Hodkinson, Charles Hoffe, Francis Christian, Byram Bridle, Mark Trozzi, and others, were either virtual strangers or objects of contempt to him.

I must admit I was taken aback. Could he still believe that the vaccines were safe, effective, and harmless in the face of mountains of non-aligned specialist documentation and evidence that they are decidedly not? Could he still hold the unvaccinated to criminal account when it had become nitrically clear that the vaccinated are those chiefly at risk and comprise the major transmitters? How could he be unaware of the techno-pharmaceutical, political, and economic tangle of interactions between the significant players in the Pandemic Olympics: GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Germain Allianz, Black Rock, Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, and others.


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Could he still believe that Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam, is a neutral figure after she had served on the board of the World Health Organization, to which Canada has just signed away its sovereignty on health issues? Could he trust our mandating authoritarians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, both graduates of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders program? Could he still believe that a dead bat in a wet market in Wuhan infected the entire planet? Apparently. In this respect, he was little different from other pandemicians I have spoken to: cowardly, uninformed, intellectually lazy, servile fellow travellers in thrall to an ideological orthodoxy, and violators of their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and to inform their patients of attendant risks.

Of course, my doctor was constrained on pain of losing his licence to justify and implement the corrupt and despotic scheme of the College of Physicians and Surgeons to suppress all dissent from the official position on lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and boosters. As Aaron Kheriaty points out, “Any scientist, physician, or policymaker who broke ranks [was]…someone to be ignored as backward or dismissed as a threat to public health.”

But I suspect my doctor may just have been ignorant, as so many medical practitioners are — or worse, perhaps wilfully ignorant. One way or another, such professionals are “members of the club.” As a scholarly trio of authors write in The Price of Panic, detailing how the pandemic was exploited by its wealthy and influential beneficiaries, “This is how the cult of experts work. It’s not about genuine smarts, or following the evidence where it leads. It’s about the authority that comes from being a card-carrying member of the official club.” These running dogs are “on the side of a manufactured consensus.” And they are not about to surrender the privileges that come with moral degradation and the profitable lure of collaboration with rigidly conformist opinion regarding the efficacy of the vaccines.


The exceptions to the general rout — doctors and politicians who have preserved their integrity — do exist and are to be treasured. One thinks of Ron DeSantis, who convened the organizers of the Great Barrington Declaration — genuine experts, as DeSantis said, intent on “focusing more on…the core principles of public health, focusing on the data.” Similarly, Ontario parliamentarian Derek Sloan hosted a conference of censored health professionals who warned of artificially raised COVID numbers, media fear-mongering, the “growing number of suicidal children,” and other officially sponsored perversions. The aforementioned Dr. Bridle reported that his radio interview on the ties between vaccination and heart inflammation led to a campaign of harassment on social media and in the workplace by his colleagues and the members of the COVID-19 Science Advisory Committee. Par for the course. The video of the event has been taken down “for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service,” also par for the course.

Absenting the non-complicit, I have lost my trust in and respect for the medical profession as a corporate whole. I am reminded of the fact that more than half of German doctors joined the Nazi Party. Indeed, “Physicians became Nazified,” writes psychiatrist Karl Kessler in The International Journal of Mental Health, “more thoroughly and much sooner than any other profession.” My former physician, who is representative of the majority of his congeners, is, in my estimation, no better than an adherent and purveyor of medical fascism, an obedient bureaucrat in a system of ideological control. I would direct him not to the decrees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons but to the wisdom of Luke 4:23: Physician, heal thyself.




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