Priests Conduct Exorcisms in Portland and San Francisco to Ward Off Dark Forces of Antifa

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Catholic priests in Portland and San Francisco have conducted exorcisms in the heart of the protest zones to get rid of the dark, hate-filled, and satanic spirit of the Leftist mob. The move to cast out the spiritual darkness of the mob comes in advance of the planned election riots by the Marxist Black Lives Matter, antifa, and anarchist monkey-wrenchers in addition to other Leftist clan members.

It’s no secret that the anarchist, antifa, and Marxist movements are atheist at heart, to the extent there is a heart. The only “gods” allowed in the movement are the state and the masses, and their self-appointed leaders’ supremacy over others.

Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter militants are, by definition, nihilists who want to overturn civil society and social order that has stood the test of millennia.

That’s why Catholic Church priests prayed the Rosary over Portland and San Francisco on October 17, according to the Associated Press in a story that did not get much attention.

“Two Roman Catholic archbishops, in San Francisco and Portland, showed a different face of exorcism – performing the rite at well-attended outdoor ceremonies to drive out any evil spirits lingering after acrimonious protests.”

Archbishop Alexander Sample held the Eucharist to lead to the Portland North Park Blocks, a frequent protest target, to pray the rosary and exorcise the demonic forces at work in the city.

Archbishop Alexander Sample led a procession of more than 200 people to a city park, then conducted an exorcism rite. The event followed more than four months of racial-justice protests in Portland.


They performed the rite in well-attended outdoor ceremonies to drive out any evil spirits lingering after acrimonious protests.

On Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020, San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone conducts an exorcism outside of Saint Raphael Catholic Church in San Rafael, Calif., on the spot where a statue of St. Junipero Serra was toppled during a protest on Oct. 12.

So far in Portland, antifa rioters have burned police officers and “pigs” in effigy, and even flags and Bibles.

In Boston recently, a man who has been seen at protests around the country, including Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ zones, burned Trump paraphernalia, a Blue Lives Matter flag, and then made a show of eating the heart of an animal. At least that’s what he said it was. If you’re keeping book, mark this one down as a satanic rite.

Portland is one of the least-churched cities in the country, so naturally, mockery of the rite came flooding in, but the Left isn’t above invoking the idea of exorcism if it’s performed against Donald Trump, right Keith Olbermann?

“EXORCISM OR DICTATORSHIP: Biden plan to address US as its new leader if networks name him President-Elect is correct. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on, and do nothing.”

Bruce Springsteen wants an exorcism as well.

The 200 people who participated in the exorcism got on their knees and prayed for unity, peace, and for God to eradicate the dark forces in Portland. The same prayers were held in the Bay Area.

Now if only we could only get the Democrats, whose voters are the ones rioting, to call for an end to them, we might make some more progress, instead of people such as Congressman Jim Clyburn dismissing burning buildings, businesses, and Bibles as merely people practicing “their own religion.”




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