Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC: More Republicans Than Democrats Will Die of COVID-19 Because Fox News Isn't Scaring the Hell Out of Them

Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC: More Republicans Than Democrats Will Die of COVID-19 Because Fox News Isn't Scaring the Hell Out of Them
Empty shelves for disinfectant wipes wait for restocking, as concerns grow around COVID-19, Tuesday March 3, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Repeat after me: They’re better than you. They’re smarter than you. And you will die if you don’t listen to them.

That’s right, now your very life may depend on whether you listen to Joy Reid of MSNBC and Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

They weep. They lament. That they can’t get through to you. Don’t you know that Trump hasn’t handled the coronavirus well? Sure, he stopped travel from China immediately. Sure, he stopped travel to and from Europe. Sure, he immediately declared a National Health Emergency on January 31, followed by the Declaration of a National Emergency six weeks later after the virus had moved quickly. But, but, but  … TEST KITS! FIRING NSC PANDEMIC EXPERTS! DOESN’T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!

Were the White House National Security Council experts the only people in the entire U.S. government working on pandemics? Did they call for new CDC testing protocols or did the NSC experts leave that up to the CDC? 

We digress. Back to Jennifer Rubin, who agreed with Reid that Republicans are too stupid about the coronavirus facts because, she claims, Fox News and other right-wing news outlets aren’t doing a good enough job of scaring the hell out of people.

MSNBC host Joy Reid introduced Rubin by saying, “We now have a situation, Jennifer, where Trump’s own people are now actually in greater danger, but those of us who live in this earth can’t even reach them. They’re not listening to anything that any of us say, including someone like you, who is a former Republican. You can’t reach them.”

And Real Clear Politics transcribed Rubin’s attempt to “reach them”:

“There is a particular cruelty/irony that it is their core viewers, the Republican older viewers, who are the most at risk.

And when you think about it, which party immediately canceled all of their rallies? Which party immediately started having their political figures really portray and use their lies as an example? It was the Democrats.

So, I hate to put it this way, but there will be less Democrat deaths because there will be less mass gatherings, there will be less opportunities for people to congregate and share this horrible disease. So it is really a very short-sighted strategy.

But, I think now the name of the game is how do they get back on Planet Earth. And part of the way that I think that they are doing it is down the memory hole. He jumped right on this right away because of all this planning that we’re doing so well, which is head-spinning for the rest of us who watched him for weeks say this was a hoax. But this is how they do it at Fox News. Suddenly, he’s been the most pro-active president… The toughest on it.” [emphasis added]

As you know, President Trump didn’t call the coronavirus a hoax. Why would a president who thought the virus from Wuhan, China, was a hoax cut off travel from China? Of course, he said the Democrats were politicizing the issue, as they did the Russia hoax and much like Rubin is doing here.