Airbnb Giving Away a Night in Dracula's Castle on Halloween

Arrive thirsty.

If you’re looking for something spooky to do this Halloween, you couldn’t get much more haunting than this.

Airbnb has announced that Bran Castle in Romania, also known as “Dracula’s Castle”, will be listed on its website for the night of October 31.

Two brave souls will have the chance to spend Halloween in the imposing medieval fortress, which is located in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania.

Bram Stoker, the author of the 19th century classic, was said to have based Dracula’s residence on Bran Castle – though he only ever read about the monument and never actually visited Romania.

The guests will be hosted by Dacre Stoker, the Irish author’s great nephew who is, Airbnb says, “a well-respected vampire expert and passionate advocate of his great uncle’s novel.”

Airbnb is running a global competition to win the spooky stay. To enter, would-be vampire hunters must write a short passage on what they would say if they came “face-to-fang” with Count Dracula.

We all know at least one adult who turns Halloween into a month-long affair. This is for that person. They will be brought to the castle in a horse-drawn carriage and they get to sleep in a coffin.

That’s right, a coffin.

I have a hard enough time sleeping on my own bed, I don’t think the coffin vibe would work for me. My goal has always been to avoid coffins until absolutely necessary.

No word on whether a late checkout is offered.

I hope that’s wine…