10 Politically Charged Costumes for Halloween 2016

It's the election year that won't end and it is the the most contentious one I've ever seen. Why not have fun with it on Halloween and get into the partisan spirit? Here are some Halloween costume suggestions that can help you do just that:

10. A Basket of Deplorables

So far, this is the most memorable phrase to come out of the 2016 presidential race. It was part of a remark uttered by Hillary Clinton at a fancy fundraiser she attended somewhere. She called half of the people not voting for her racist, sexist, xenophobes that could fill up "a basket of deplorables."

9. Harambe the Gorilla (that people won't stop talking about)

He's this year's Cecil the Lion, an animal mourned in pop culture to a staggering degree never afforded to any human (especially human children ripped out of the womb every day). The fuss and Festival of Grief surrounding Harambe became ubiquitous for far too long. No zoo animal should have what amounts to a state funeral. Some variation of Harambe the Gorilla would definitely be a hit at any Halloween party because he's so recognizable.