Costco Bows to Leftist Mob, Stops Selling Pillows Made by Wrongthinker Mike Lindell

Photo courtesy of Mike Lindell

After getting heavy pressure from leftist fascists, Costco has joined the lynch mob and stopped selling right-wing racist hate pillows – that is, it has stopped selling MyPillow products because the company’s CEO Mike Lindell has dared to oppose the far-left agenda. Apparently Costco believes that only leftists want pillows, or deserve to have them.

According to the New York Post, “the wholesale chain is among more than 20 companies that have cut ties with My Pillow.” The Post reported that “the decision will cost MyPillow between $4 million and $10 million in annual sales,” and that won’t hurt Lindell only: “it will also affect some 40 salespeople who would travel to Costco stores to hawk the company’s products, he said. Lindell said he has offered those staffers other jobs at My Pillow, though ‘we did have to lay some off.’”

Costco did not deign to explain to Lindell why it was dropping MyPillow: “Costco did not give a specific reason when it told Lindell that it would discontinue his merchandise after selling through the inventory it had left…The Minnesota-based bedding maker’s products have also disappeared from Costco’s website.” However, other companies cut ties with MyPillow “following his allegations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from ex-President Donald Trump.”

The idea that there may have been widespread election fraud is the left’s latest excuse to silence its critics; even breathing a hint of the possibility of widespread fraud can get you banned from YouTube, Twitter, and the rest. We must believe that the election of Old Joe Biden’s handlers was completely on the up and up, or else be silenced as a racist, bigoted, white supremacist with a pillow.

Yet as Conrad Black recently noted, “The Trump campaign launched 28 lawsuits against individual incidences of apparent illegalities in the counting of decisive numbers of votes in swing states, including the Texas attorney general’s direct appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court supported by 18 other states on the issue of the unconstitutional failure of several of those states to comply with the requirement to ensure a fair presidential election result. None of these cases was adjudicated — judges invoked technical reasons to avoid addressing the merits.”

In light of all that, skepticism is reasonable. Of course, it also must be borne in mind that Dominion Voting Systems is suing Lindell, claiming he falsely charged them with tampering with the voting process. That suit will be settled in court, but ultimately, what does it have to do with selling pillows? Costco’s decision to drop MyPillow is based on the assumption that only those whose political views are acceptable should be allowed to operate businesses in the United States. Those who commit wrongthink of whatever kind are apparently to be condemned to poverty and indigence for their sins, at least until they repent, show a suitable change of mind and heart, and are judged to be sufficiently rehabilitated to be allowed gainful employ.

This is how totalitarian regimes work. This is not how the United States has ever operated as a society, at least until today’s ascendancy of the left. But it has actually been a long time coming. Long before anyone had ever heard of MyPillow or Mike Lindell, this tactic was employed in a dry run against “Islamophobes.” For example, a few years ago I was invited to address an education conference in California that had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; the failed “Islamophobia” propagandist-turned-real estate agent Nathan Lean got the weak and ignorant Catholic bishop Jaime Soto, under whose auspices the conference was being held, to cancel my appearance. (I spoke at the conference as scheduled, in a venue outside the bishop’s purview.) And also a few years ago, the Washington Post discovered that Qur’an-burning pastor Terry Jones was driving for Uber; they duly got him fired. I don’t approve of book-burning, but it is not illegal in the United States, and the idea that a man must be hounded forever and prevented from making a living for views that dissent from the left’s reveals what Leftists really are.

So it has been clear for years that if you dissent from leftist orthodoxy, you must be destroyed. If it were up to the left and Islamic supremacists, their critics would all be unemployed and unemployable, starving to death on the streets (at best). Not just “debunked” or “discredited” in your field, but also prevented from doing everything else, so that the only option one has is to die. The fascists who employ this tactic started with the foes of jihad violence and now, with their tactic tested and proven, have moved on to bigger fish, such as Mike Lindell. Nor will it end with Lindell. Much, much more of this is coming.