SCANDAL: German Gov't Officials Intentionally Placed Foster Children with Pedophile Ring—for THIRTY YEARS

SCANDAL: German Gov't Officials Intentionally Placed Foster Children with Pedophile Ring—for THIRTY YEARS
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A shocking report out of Germany says that government agencies intentionally placed homeless children with a widespread and influential pedophile ring for decades.


Starting in the 1970s psychology professor Helmut Kentler conducted his “experiment.” Homeless children in West Berlin were intentionally placed with pedophile men. These men would make especially loving foster parents, Kentler argued.

A study conducted by the University of Hildesheim has found that authorities in Berlin condoned this practice for almost 30 years. The pedophile foster fathers even received a regular care allowance.

Helmut Kentler (1928-2008) was in a leading position at Berlin’s center for educational research. He was convinced that sexual contact between adults and children was harmless.

Berlin’s child welfare offices and the governing Senate turned a blind eye or even approved of the placements.

The outrage became public when victims came forward. Since then, researchers at Hildesheim University have tirelessly tracked down victims and conducted interviews, finding a vast pedophilia network that included educational institutions, child welfare offices, and the Berlin Senate. According to researchers, pedophilia was “accepted, supported, [and] defended.”

Kentler was never prosecuted because of the statute of limitations, which also prevented the victims from getting compensation for their suffering. German lawmakers are reversing that restriction to help the victims.

The researchers found that several of the foster fathers were high-profile academics. They speak of a network that included high-ranking members of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin’s Free University, and the notorious Odenwald School in Hesse, West Germany, which was at the center of a major pedophilia scandal several years ago. It has since been closed down.


Breitbart News reported on the research from Hildesheim University.

The 57-page report, which was published this week, found that a “network of actors in the Senate administration and institutions of educational reforms during the home reform of the 1970s tolerated the establishment of shared apartments and foster homes for paedophile men”.

A man with a criminal record for child abuse, referred in the report as Fritz H., was able to rape and abuse at least nine children that were given to him as foster children under the government-backed scheme. Despite the extreme warning signs, Berlin youth welfare officers consistently chose him as a foster father to children, who were often six or seven years old.

The abuse committed by Fritz H. was carried out from the 1970s until 2003, according to the local newspaper Berliner Zeitung.

The report specifically pointed to the Pedagogical Centre in Berlin as the main coordinating institution of the scheme, though added that the policy was likely to have extended throughout the whole country.

Breitbart did some digging on Kentler and found horrific viewpoints on child rape.

The director of adult education at Pedagogical Centre was Helmut Kentler (1928-2008), a social scientist, who argued that sex between adults and children was a crucial part to healthy sexual development, saying that “in some cases almost something like a gentler form of social work”.

A popular figure in Germany’s sexual revolution in the 1960s, Kentler often authored ‘expert’ reports for the Berlin Senate and his books on ‘sexual liberation’ were bestsellers at the time. Indeed, Deutsche Welle notes how the change in attitudes towards child sexuality in Germany at this time was part of the 1968 revolution that swept Europe and worked to throw aside all tradition and conventional wisdom, including the idea that children should not have sex with adults.


Kentler wrote a book called Eltern Learned Sexualerziehung, which, translated, means “Parents Learn Sexual-Education.” It shows a parent bathing naked with children and is still for sale on Amazon. The report also said there are over 1,000 files the university has not been allowed to access and researchers believe its in an effort to keep the names of high-profile pedophiles a secret.

The report did point to three former Social Democrat Berlin senators — the Senator for School and Education Carl-Heinz Evers, the Senator for Youth and Sports Kurt Neubauer, and the Senator for Labour and Social Affairs Kurt Exner — for having a particular “hand” in the scheme.

At least one member of the Green Party is pushing for transparency and exposure of the criminal child rapists involved in the pedophile ring.

Marianne Burkert-Eulitz of the Green Party — which itself pushed for the legalisation of “consensual” sex between children and adults in the 1970s — accused the Senate of slow-walking an investigation into the network out of fear of political backlash if other prominent politicians are revealed to have been involved.

She said that “there were and are networks, they still exist”, adding that it may not be easy for political parties to admit culpability in the scandal “but it has to be done”.

This scandal comes on the heels of the Italian “Angels and Demons” scandal that rocked several Italian towns and included mayors, doctors, and social workers in the criminal operation that took children from loving families through the power of the state and gave them, in some cases, to pedophiles. The Independent had that story, which included falsifying reports on parental abuse while social workers and doctors took part in electric shock torture of children.


Italian police have arrested 18 people, including a mayor, social workers and psychologists for allegedly “brainwashing” children into believing their parents had abused them, in a scheme to take them away from their families and sell them to foster parents.

Authorities in the central Italian city of Reggio Emilia revealed how a network of carers allegedly used hours of psychotherapy sessions and electroshocks to convince children their parents had sexually abused them and “alter their memory ahead of the trials”, Italy’s Ansa news agency reports.

They then allegedly sold the children on to friends and acquaintances in a scheme worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

The investigations, codenamed “Angels and Demons”, started in the summer of 2018 after police received a series of reports of wrongdoing that initially proved false.

The 18 arrested include Andrea Carletti, mayor of Bibbiano, a town of about 10,000 near Reggio Emilia, as well as politicians, doctors, social workers and psychologists.

There is a pattern where child welfare services keep showing up in these stories of sex-trafficked children. The U.S. State Department recently reported that sex-trafficking is directly linked to our foster care system. Even with this information, the state continues to give child welfare offices more power, not less, over children and families. One particularly horrific case, where a little girl known as Baby Devani was burned over 80% of her body and sexually abused, blew open a scandal revealing that CPS in Arizona gave multiple foster children to a child porn ring leader. Not one government agency involved in this outrage was ever held accountable.



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