Filming of a New 'Wonder Woman' Movie Underway

My love affair with Wonder Woman (an Amazon woman from Paradise Island), also known as Diana Prince, began when I was five. The superhero, who is part of DC Comics and a star of the “Justice League,” was tough and smart, roughing up men without losing her femininity. She would fly around in her invisible jet and catch crooks, forcing them to tell the truth with her golden lasso. Her crown and cuffs served her well as both traditional weapons and bullet deflectors. And who could forget her star-spangled costume? (Men, I know you feel me!) She embodied everything I wanted to be.

So, when I found out they were planning on making a movie featuring my most beloved superhero, of course I had mixed emotions. To me, there is only one Wonder Woman, and that’s Lynda Carter. Even back when I was stealing my mom’s lipstick to mimic Carter’s Moisture Whip commercials and running around in my Wonder Woman Underoos, she was the Wonder Woman of my imagination and she left a permanent mark on my heart — forever.

Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman. How could anyone else possibly fill the role? Can they recreate the storylines and not have them suck?

After much speculation, filming has begun and Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, will play Wonder Woman. It is rumored that the movie will be a prequel to Batman vs Supermanwhere Wonder Woman will also be featured. Some of the film will be set during WWI and the rest in modern times.

wonder woman batman

Image via YouTube

Here’s a first look at Gadot as Wonder Woman:

To many (including myself) Wonder Woman is so much more than a superhero — she’s an icon that has touched our lives. She helped mold us into the geeks we are today.

Will I go see the new “Wonder Woman” movie? For now, the verdict is still out. To be continued.

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