Tracy Morgan Speaks for a Weary Nation: 'F*** Show Business!'

Now that the news and every other aspect of daily American life is #AllVirusAllTheTime, a lot of us have already forgotten about a certain vulnerable segment of our society. We’ve got a lot of Americans out there who are feeling lost and neglected. Some of our fellow citizens are even more sensitive to the vicissitudes of our current predicament than the rest of us. They’re downtrodden. They’re grief-stricken. They’re out of work. They’re sad and lonely, and they need our help.

I’m talking about our nation’s most valuable resource: celebrities.

This virus has been really tough on America’s most privileged. Just a few weeks ago they were flying all over the world, slapping each other’s backs and telling each other how great they are, waving to rapturous crowds, attending lavish galas, and other daily occurrences we all take for granted. Now all that is gone, and nobody knows when — or if! — it’s coming back.

So our celebs have been reduced to releasing webcam videos of themselves singing ridiculous old hippie anthems, or bathing in tubs strewn with rose petals, or musing about how we’re all gonna die anyway so who cares, or other entirely normal, healthy behavior. Celebs want to feel like they’re doing something to help, even though they’ve never really done anything to help anybody but themselves.

That’s also why they’re doing things like this:

Celebrities Raise Awareness That They Still Exist

But at least one celeb wants all the other celebs to shut the hell up already. It’s a sign of the times that the sanest celebrity out there right now is… Tracy Morgan??? Yeah, he’s promoting whatever his latest project is, but he’s also keeping things in perspective.

Morgan talked to Howard Stern this morning, according to Ryan Parker at The Hollywood Reporter:

Tracy Morgan on Monday gave an emotional thank-you to first responders and medical professionals for their tireless work amid the novel coronavirus pandemic…

“To the doctors, the nurses, the first responders: You’re my hero,” the Saturday Night Live veteran said. “I love you. Keep working hard. We need you. And really, that’s coming from my heart.”

Morgan got more passionate as he spoke, saying, “F*** show business! These people are out there on the front line dealing with this s***.”

Morgan isn’t giving away all the money he’s made in show business, but at least he’s humble enough to admit that he doesn’t really matter right now.

Morgan also told Stern: “I still love you. When this s*** it over, I can’t wait to hug you and Robin. F*** all that tappin’ and elbow s***! F*** that social distancing… This s*** is so not normal to me!” I’ve never been a hug type of guy myself, but it was nice to at least have the option.

Morgan also gave a funny, weird, heartfelt interview on the Today Show this morning:

I agree with Tracy Morgan. I might not phrase it quite the way he does, because who else could? But it’s true, celebrities are just about as important and respected right now as “journalists.” Sorry to be so blunt, famous people!